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How to Save Money on your Internet Bills

Internet has changed the way the world operates. Lifestyle has changed and so has the way people shop. Bragging about an expensive purchase has been replaced by grabbing a good deal. ‘I got it on 40%! off’ sounds more thrilling. Doesn’t it? Today, we are sharing tricks to save money on your internet bill too. Here are a few clever ways to do that - Buy the Bundle Pack If you use internet, phone and TV at home, go for a bundle pack. Buy all these services from a single company. It saves money and you get - high-speed internet, 100s of TV channels with recording and free calling minutes at a good price.
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My Plan for a Stress-Free Vacation

There are two things one must do to live life - travel and read. I do both these in abundance. Being married to someone who is addicted to traveling, it has become an integral part of our lives. Traveling, for me, is an exercise which starts much before we head out to the airport. It starts when we pick a destination. Here’s how I plan a vacation -
Pick a Destination - The first step is the most crucial. I read extensively about the place we’ve picked. Sometimes, I call off a vacation at this stage as it has same things we’ve explored earlier or doesn’t have enough attractions to justify a trip. I did so two months back when I crossed off San Diego from our California road trip. There are two things I do to get a rough idea - Google top 10 attraction of the place Then, I Google ‘2 or 3 Day Trip’ to that place. Like - 3 day trip to Sydney
I don’t merely read the bullet points. I read reviews, forums and see travel pictures submitted by the users on travel websites. I read the map of the c…

5 Money Lessons My Father Taught Me

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We inherit many qualities from our parents. Three good things I’ve inherited from my father - talk sensibly, a good sense of humor and financial independence. He started working at the age of 10 and I started earning at the age of 18. Both of us worked part-time. He worked to pay his fees, I worked because it seemed the right thing to do. I earned in my spare time and it gave me both money and pride. On this Father’s Day, I recollect the financial wisdom my father shared with me while growing up. Some of it made sense then and there, some that sounded out-of-date made sense few years down the road. Stay Within Your MeansWhen I wanted to buy Levi’s jeans costing 2200 rupees, my father said no! I was earning 1500 per month and I had an add-on credit card. Don’t spend more than you earn. Spend only when you have the means to. Even on the credit card, spend that much you can repay easily. Three of the sentences he repeated often. After that, whenever …

Numbers Matter, But What Actually Matters?

Let me begin my saying - Numbers Matter! Big, big time. If someone gets 500 Likes on their profile picture on Facebook, we are tempted to see who the person is. The number game is important to young souls who seek validation on social media and also for people like me, who get money as per their social media standing. How do I get money? I write for brands and share it on my blog and social media accounts. It’s a form of advertisement. When I started blogging, oops writing (that sounds professional), my first job was for $50. I was elated, you know, as the cliche goes - writers don’t make money - and $50 was a hell lot. I was pumped up to work towards earning more. I was getting accolades and money was the cherry on the top.

Accolades you ask? Poems published in an International Anthology, won a few blogging contests, won Indiblogger’s Indian Blogger Award 2013, selected among top 6 creative writing bloggers by BlogAdda, interviewed by an Indian channel in New York and interviewed by p…

Those little wrongs make everything right

How many times I fight with you? O' with years I lost track From the first fight in college I caught you taking a drag
Then over your pesky habits Like, leaving wet towel on the sheet Talking loud on the phone Or messing coffee table decor with your feet
It irks me, I get angry too You never learn the proper way Don't drive fast in the alley Or wear too much grey
I can go on and on The list will run a mile long Nitpicks-nagging-nonsense For all the things that you do wrong
My frail body gets tired Weekends drain the last bit out of me I long for a carefree day When I can be truly free
But when you go away for days I awfully miss our senseless fights No matter how much I crib Those little wrongs you do make everything right

A friend #NeverLetsYouDown

We hardly find someone who listens to us. I don’t mean - hear. I mean - listen. Like, they care for our words; they listen and don’t judge. To have such a person in our lives is a blessing. And, I am lucky to be blessed with such a friend. Nina - independent, creative, humble, and with a heart of gold. But to be a friend, we seek much more in a person than these qualities. There has to be a connection that binds us together down the road. Don’t you all agree? A connection that we build over the years. This connection is nurtured by the qualities of love, trust, and reliability.
I met Nina through a common friend at her boutique. Oh, I forgot to say, she is a successful designer. As an entrepreneur, she just wins you over. You can rely on her. She never fails to deliver and stays put on her promises. She is one of the reasons, I started my own business. It’s not only in the business matters but also in small things that often gets unnoticed, reliability is one of her best qualities. Be …

Support Men and Women Working on the Streets

Have a look around when you are at a traffic signal? When most of us are in our air conditioned vehicles, there are many who toil under the scorching heat to earn their livelihood. Without even a fan or a glass of chilled water, they struggle day-in-day-out. Raising mercury hits them the most - pressure to earn butter and butter for their family, dehydration and lack of empathy for people around them leads to their deplorable state. Those who empathize with them can’t translate their concern into actions. After all, it takes more than words to bring a change. So, do you ever #FeelTheHeat? If yes, do a bit from your side to bring respite to these hardworking souls on the streets.
To the Hawkers in your Neighbourhood - Dehydration is a major problem in summer. Offer hawkers in your neighborhood a drink to beat dehydration - glucose, nimbu pani or sharbat. If that is too much, a glass of chilled water would mean a lot.
Donate Umbrellas - Whenever there is a calamity, as a nation we pitch i…

Extra Income for Extra Fun - #IncomeKaTopUp

As avid travelers, we not only plan ahead, we also save ahead. For our two annual vacations, we save and invest methodically. But sometimes, even after meticulous planning, we have to skip a few activities for short of cash. Like - on our last trip to California, we gave up on a few activities. After all, all we have is a fixed income! There is no other source which can enable us to spend a little luxuriously. Like - taking a sunset cruise in Lake Tahoe or booking a suite in a five-star hotel on our anniversary. Watch this video, I felt as if I was sailing in the same boat as these girls. I too need #IncomeKaTopUp for splurging every now and then. As we all know - investing rather than saving is always better!

If I have #IncomeKaTopUp, I would indulge in things I otherwise abandon. With annual inflow, I would spend the extra money to my heart’s content.
For Our 10th Wedding Anniversary - Our vacations are sponsored by my husband, but I’ve promised him a trip on our 10th wedding annivers…

Go with Datsun redi-GO

I love thrill, speed, and long drives. Pack these three in one and we get a car. Now, not any car. If I love speed, I equally care for safety. As much as I care about long drives, I relish it only in comfortable interiors. So, as easy as it can get - I pick my car with a lot of discretion. I should be able to tick all the boxes - safety, comfort, mileage, ease of drive and looks. With so many conditions, it’s hard to zero-in on one car. But… hold your breath, a car ready to hit the road soon looks like a catch. I am talking about Datsun redi-GO. It has features that would appeal to everybody and has won me over already.
Comfortable from Within -Sporty, stylish, and with neat lines; Datsun redi-GO has very sophisticated exteriors. But as I said earlier, I crave for comfort. It has spacious interiors. A good luggage room, much needed for long trips. A modern-digital dashboard that looks pretty jazzy to me. Now, that’s not all - power windows and more than one ways to tune into music - m…