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When I Met Sonam Kapoor

Let me confess, my fashion sense is almost zero. Only luring thing about shopping is the 50% sale posters outside the store. Yesterday I went to mall with my husband. It was hot and humid. Walking from parking to the entrance and that endless stroll from store to store left me exhausted. I dazed off the very moment my husband started driving back home. The cool breeze from air conditioner acted as a lullaby and I was transported to the dreamland where I met the Fashion Icon of our generation.  I was dreaming of buying a white dress for summer...but wait, cut two, I found myself sitting in front of my laptop with Sonam Kapoor. The moment I spotted her on my couch, I straightened my back and pretended to be busy. 'Hey, what are you doing?' she asked to strike a conversation with busy me . I know, I know, acting smart with her was quite dumb. ‘Nothing much, just checking out my friend's photos on Facebook. She went to a trip recently. Isn't she looking gorgeous?

Quote Unquote ~ 23/365

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A Bite Of You

Sizzling hot I desire you, my love Just lay in front of me My day was rough You smell divine My heart skips a beat Just linger on my tongue longer You're slightly salty, slightly sweet Your thought fills me up Tingling sensations and I pine After a tiring day I think of you and a sip of wine Addictive, you are Smooth, soft; sometimes rough Savoring every bit of you Can never have enough Love holding you You lighten up my mood Mixing, digging my fingers dirty In my first love - Food My love for food is quite evident both on my body and social media. But wait, who doesn't crave for a sumptuous meal at the end of day? Though I like cooking but after a busy day, with no energy to dress up and go out, I want food to be delivered at my doorstep.  Found this amazing website which has great offers and has made ordering food online literally a cake walk. What's best is it offers services in smaller towns

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मेरे नैना बेईमान हैं...

हर रोज़ तेरे आगन को ताकती है इक टक , सुध बुध खोके सोए अरमानो को लिये भागती है कोई इने रोके नैनो की सुनती तो कब की लुट जाती   ये निगोड़ी   दिन रात झूठे सपने है दिखाती टकराई थी कल शाम तुमसे गली में आवारा सी थोड़ा थोड़ा सरक के लिपटी तेरे   कांधे पे बंजारा सी मासूम लगती है , पर ज़रा नहीं शरमाती ये निगोड़ी दिन रात झूठे सपने है   दिखाती धुआँ हुआ जिस ओर सेक लेती है थोड़े ख़्वाब बंद कमरे की दीवारों पे भी लम्हा लम्बा पिरोती है अपने जज़्बात ग़ौर से देखा करो , बिन बोले बहुत कुछ है कह जाती   पर ये निगोड़ी दिन रात झूठे सपने बहुत है   दिखाती थाम लो हथेली पे जो बिखरे अरमान हैं पर आँखें बंद रखना , मेरे   नैना बेईमान हैं  

Unsung Hero

No merry galore No extra dash of penny Yet, he is a hero Unlike many He collected money Uncoiled her daughter's demand To give her education He sold his land Daughter will go away Been irrational and bold Could have collected instead A pot of gold Senseless shackles Her destiny is not to be a bride A flag-bearer of his clan She is his pride Could  more  be kind enough? To break free Fathers supporting daughters Is a jubilant ceremony An inspiring story  And my heart brims Singing praises of fathers Like him A tribute to Tej Bahadur Verma, a daily wager who sold his land to fund his daughter's tuition fee. His 13 year old daughter Sushma Verma is pursuing Masters in Microbiology. A gem she is, supported by gem of a father. How often we see fathers supporting their daughters like this in India? And that too someone from a humble background.  Image Source and Details - Here

Not only for Men, Ladies let's Transform

'Whoa, it looks awesome! ' my exact words when I set eyes on my husband's  IdeaPad Yoga. 'Yeah,' and he rotated it 360 degrees to add fuel to the charcoals of jealousy. He could flip and use it as a tablet. Boy! that made me boil with envy. 'What if I could trade something that fun for my laptop?' OR something better than that to make him envious. Well, dream huh ? Nah, the technology fairy just answered my wish -   ASUS Transformer Book T100  is here to make even my husband jealous. When I saw it's commercial, all I did was dreaming about holding this beauty in my hands. And, I even started creating list of things I would do with it anywhere, anytime.  For starters, I could blog from anywhere . Laptop is too big to carry while commuting or travelling and phone is too small. A perfect answer to this problem is a convertible laptop, just make it a tablet when you are not working on a table. Fancy that! Write and make your own ima

Adios, Split Ends!

A beautiful end is something we all look for. And when it comes to our tresses, it becomes a daunting task to achieve. Yes, I am talking about smooth and shiny tresses  minus split ends. With pollution and stressful life, nearly all us girls have unhealthy-unmanageable hair. My biggest problem is frizzy hair with loads of split ends. Few years back my hair was of average length but whenever I looked at my split ends, I chopped them. It sure sounds an easy way to get rid of those rough edges. Well, as a result, my hair, as you can see, is now shoulder length. I keep on changing my shampoo and when Indiblogger sent TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner, I gave it a shot. By the way, It came in a suave black carry bag, which I totally loved. I tried it next day. I oil my hair before washing and for any first time user, these things totally worked for me - Packaging, I love the fact that shampoo and conditioner bottle are of different colors. If both are of same co