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Loved at 19, Angry till 24 and Finally Understood at 29

If love was written on the bed, we would have been on New York Times Best Selling list. We were that good. But if love was to be felt like a warm whisper on a cold February night, we would have made each other deaf -- note the contrast. It was not our fault. We were young. Our bodies dictated our feelings. Maybe, we didn't know how to love anyone at that age. We knew the kind of love we saw in the movies. We didn't read poetry, then. Even if we did, we only read the roses and didn't think of the unmentioned thorns that grow with it. Love was linear to us, not multi-dimensional - one kiss, a phone call, and a handsome boyfriend. And that linear love resulted in only one emotion after our breakup. It made me angry. I held onto that anger till 24. Then, time took care of it. You become that memory I buried in the someone's backyard. Well, I was afraid of even burying it in my own. You were my biggest mistake. I moved on but carried the dead weight with me all th

20 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special on a Budget

Some look forward to Valentine’s Day. There are others who feel it’s too cliched. I, on the other hand , feel if there is a day to unwind, relax and have a good time with a special someone, we should never miss it. In case it’s a tiny bit of stress to find ways to make the day special for your partner. Or money is your concern. Worry not. There are many charming ways we can light up Valentine’s Day without burning a hole in the pocket. Post a Letter or a Greeting Card Go back fifteen years in time. Ditch texts, Facebook status or WhatsApp forwards. Buy beautiful stationery or card, write your feelings on it and post it. Don’t give it in person. Add a bit of drama to it. Let your partner find it in the mail. It would make a perfect ‘You’ve got mail’ moment but with a personal touch. Please click and read the rest of the article on MoneyView Blog And Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

10 Valentine's Day Gifts For Husbands That Make Perfect Home Decor Items (Later, Of Course)

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. While men fret over the price tag on gifts, women are confused as what to buy for the men in their lives. There are limited gifts available for men. Are you tired of picking shirt, perfume or wallet year after year? Personally, I find these items really boring. Wouldn’t it be great to gift them some cool stuff that doesn’t end up in a cupboard after a week? Something personal, creative and fun! This Valentine’s Day I’ve picked these gifts that will accentuate both the day and relationship. And we can use them for home decor later. Win-win, right? These gifts are elegant and score high on cool quotient. Without further ado, let me share the list of Valentine’s Day gifts from I feel are perfect to make the day special and can light up the home all-year-round - Rocking Harley Davidson Model Bike This is the coolest gift on the website - Red Harley Davidson Collectible. I am gifting it to my husband. It’s a manly gift. It’s diffe