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Saviors of Plutonon

Ticktock, Ticktock.   Susan gazed at the clock with disbelief. It's just 1:30 in the afternoon and the day seemed to be passing at snail's pace. She missed hostel where life starts past 12 in the noon and day just flies by. Nothing could calm her restless soul. She flipped few channels and then switched off the TV. She thought of taking a nap and strolled towards her room and spotted the keys of her dad's latest car. A wicked smile flashed on her dull face and with almost a jerk she took the keys from the hook and darted in her room only to come back with a packed bag of clothes. 'Going to explore the world on Dad's Safari Storme . Don't worry, will be back soon,' she left this note on the dinning table and zipped on to the unknown adventures the journey has to offer. Driving out of town, she hit the highway and the woods started to thicken. The scenery was breathtaking, it was calm but there was some mystic in the air. Compelled to unleash

Quote Unquote ~ 18/365

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F. L. Y.

Have you ever wondered what makes a relationship tick? It's love, understanding, respect that keeps it alive but much before that, it is the desire to have that person in your life. In spite of many differences, you patch up. You do that because when you sideline all the bitterness from it, you have a bunch of memories which tells you - this relationship is worth it! You do everything because you know no relationship is perfect. You had differences with your parents, siblings, and friends, and eventually, you forget those differences and they are still there in your life. Maybe, you left few friends and relatives in that process. However, you left only those who were not important or the difference was much bigger than the relation. There is, of course, a social angle to it. You can't leave your family. Who does that? You can't leave your spouse. Why? Society will judge you, you'll have a tabooed word associated with you for your entire life. Now, the question is

Quote Unquote ~ 17/365

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Less Words...

Breathing your love, I want to master the art. With  less words , How to occupy your heart? I thought for many nights, Under cloudless sky conniving with stars. Intoxicated with your love, Even the striking of clock sounds like guitar. Neither I can play with words, Nor I can weave a fable. I get goose bumps on my body, When we sit across the table. You're a man of few words, But, I'm little loquacious. Fearing my utterance of useless words, Project me as flirtatious. So, the  less words  I want, Can you help me, please? Or else I'll say  love you , Every time I breathe. *Image Source - Google

Italian Sonnet ~ From Pompeii to Amalfi

I'm always filled with awe looking at the picturesque sights of Europe - ancient architecture, gorgeous towns, serpentine roads overlooking a breath-taking view. If I have to create picture perfect memories, always have #HappyTravellers by my side, then my Yatra would be to Italy - stretching from Pompeii to Amalfi.  If Rome and Venice churns out romance then Naples is just the right beginning for an explorer at heart. With Naples being my landing city, I would explore the slightly less-famous side of Italy. Though many travel to Naples to relish its grandeur, history and vintage charm but I would love to embark upon the  roads less travelled .  As one travels from city to city, you discover ancient ruins, history preserved with time and old villas aging gracefully. You can't but admire the beauty of ancient city of Pompeii which is believed to be founded in 7th century BC and was buried for many centuries under the ash from the eruption of  Mount Vesuvius. It was

Trachled Shoe

Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches but a poor man's shoe knows his owner's plight better. This poem talks about how a worn-out and exhausted shoe sympathizes with its owner.  This poem has been published in the August issue of Storizen. Please click on the image below to read.