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Inhumed in Rumi and You

Old unread books Tucked far away in the wooden cabinet Dust piled up like memories I tied my hair Assimilated the fragments of courage - From our shiny past And stepped towards it I opened it and picked your favorite You recited Rumi's poetry from it While I stared at your expression My head on your chest Ceiling fan blowing our cotton curtains Every Sunday ended as a chapter of my book That book celebrates neither you, nor me It holds the sand that passed through the hourglass And turned into gold After your left 'forever' I treasured that gold Left these books unattended Today as I held your favorite book It mocked me It is buried under the dust And, I am still covered in the earth That blew after I buried you


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Simple Tips for Summer Style on Budget

Fashion doesn’t last. One reason I don’t like investing in funky clothes and accessories. I prefer mix-and-match over buying a new dress for every occasion. But that doesn’t mean I stay away from style. I’ve learned a few tricks that have helped me to make a statement without stocking my wardrobe. If you are a wise shopper, on a shoestring budget or in a mood to experiment, try these money-saving style tips that are also high on fashion. Dress it up With a ScarfOblong, wrap, square or shawl style - a scarf is a perfect accessory for all seasons. And, there is no need to spend a fortune on it. Be a designer - go to a local dupatta shop, buy cotton prints and trim them as you like. Play with colors and designs. You can make two scarves from a dupatta. Keep one for yourself, gift other to your friend. It’s a style statement around your neck, and cover your head with when are out in the sun. Cost - INR 150-200
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Once a Desi, Always a Desi

Over the last few years, the term ‘home’ has more emotional value to me than physical. I move a lot. I pack my belongings in a suitcase, and with every move, I try to create memories at my new address. Earlier it was emotionally taxing. Now, I have conditioned my mind to adjust to these geographical changes. One thing that has helped me to maintain my sanity is my routine. My modern friends find it very out-of-date. Well, I do all the chores in conventionalDesi way. For some, it may be a little regressive or going over-the-board. For me - it’s a religion which I follow quite strenuously. So, here are a few things I do in Desi Style -
Cooking Proper Indian Meals - It has been close to five years that I moved out of India and I still cook proper Indian meals. No, we don’t eat cereals for breakfast. We don’t eat frozen food. And, I don’t cook and store food in the freezer. I prepare every meal in proper desi style - parathas for breakfast, salad and raita with every meal, and dal-chapati-…


There is no better gift than the gift of words. A perfect mother's day gift by a writer - a book celebrating her.
Here's to the real heroes in our lives - Mothers!
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Board The 'Kiddies Express' With &Pictures

When the heat soars and boredom knocks in sweltering summer afternoons, take your children on a fun ride straight from your living room. Yes, that’s right!&Pictures - India’s premium Hindi movie channel presents a fun ride with ‘Kiddies Express’ to entertain and educate your children. Starting from Monday, 9th May upto Friday, 13th May, it will air movies that would lighten up the atmosphere and teach your kids a lesson or two. Time -  12 noon. Tune in the channel, sit along with your kids and watch these international blockbusters loved by kids all over the globe.
Get onboard the ‘Kiddies Express’ and enjoy these five movies which will take you and your children into a wanderlust.
Kung Fu Panda In the Valley of Peace, Po the Panda, finds himself chosen as the Dragon Warrior despite the fact that he is obese and a complete novice at martial arts. The movie is directed by John Stevenson and Mark Osborne and stars the voices of veteran Hollywood talent like Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman…

How to Keep your Child Engaged This Summer Vacation

Besides heat, the other thing that rises rapidly during summer vacation is boredom. Long hours in front of TV, incessant complaining and unproductivity can fill the days. To beat all these, here are some fun things we can add to our children’s calendar this summer. Start a Project - Build character and skill in your children by starting a project. It’s productive and fun. Pick from any of these - Make a bird feeder, build a Lego house or paint the garden pots - for boys. DIY projects for girls - jewelry making, home decor items or knitting. They can clean their rooms and start a garage sale. Better, they can sell stuff online. Build a garden patch - landscape and plant flowers, vegetables or herbs.
Idea is to increase the fun quotient and to teach them a new skill.

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Longest Bus Ride Ever

I am not possessive-dramatic-psycho, but when it comes to men in my life, I can smell a fish swimming merrily 1000 miles inside the Atlantic. I unearthed this side of me on a CTU bus when I was a little girl. I was coming back from Chandigarh with my dad. The bus was crowded. My dad fitted me on a seat with another family - one girl, two boys, and their fat mother. I squeezed in and made a tiny space for myself in the pea-pod. Like a hero, my dad stood and smiled. His princess rode with the general public. Daddy was proud of his courteous and down-to-earth girl. I sang ‘Ringa-Ringa-Roses’ in my head and dreamt about the 5-star chocolate he promised me. It went like a middle-class fairy tale till Zirakpur. Then, a life altering event changed the dynamics of my family.
Some idiots got off, few seats became available and daddy, my very own daddy, sat next to slim-trim-sleeveless-wearing-hottie. Devastated, short-of-breath, wide-eyed... and, tiny drops of tears later, I braced myself. I ha…