How to Keep your Child Engaged This Summer Vacation

Besides heat, the other thing that rises rapidly during summer vacation is boredom. Long hours in front of TV, incessant complaining and unproductivity can fill the days. To beat all these, here are some fun things we can add to our children’s calendar this summer.

Start a Project -

Build character and skill in your children by starting a project. It’s productive and fun. Pick from any of these -
  • Make a bird feeder, build a Lego house or paint the garden pots - for boys.
  • DIY projects for girls - jewelry making, home decor items or knitting.
  • They can clean their rooms and start a garage sale. Better, they can sell stuff online.
  • Build a garden patch - landscape and plant flowers, vegetables or herbs.

Idea is to increase the fun quotient and to teach them a new skill.

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  1. Summer vacation always difficult for parents to keep our kids busy. These are very good ideas. They can join some sports too.

  2. Good ideas! Sports and cooking are good ideas too.


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