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Here's what I learned in 7 years of blogging

7 years ago I started my blog. And I entered the magical world of writing. I was living in the Boston suburbs. After finishing my work and household chores, I still had some spare time. I remember the exact moment I clicked the 'B' icon on Google and I created a Blogger account. I knew only two Bloggers that time - Amitabh Bachchan and Lisa Ray. I had no idea what it takes to be an accomplished blogger, but I was excited to be a part of a community which is independent and expresses its views without any inhibition. I must say, it has been an amazing journey only because I have learned so much. I started by writing poetry, then I started writing articles and now I can write anything. Professionally, I am a content writer for a couple of websites. I ghostwrite for two more agencies based out of North America. I write sponsored articles on my blog. I tweet, post Facebook statutes, answer Quora questions, and mention brands on Instagram for money. Brands even consult me for s

Rewind - October 2020

I took a break from social media in October. It was therapeutic. I have realized I can't be a part of a race. And social media does look like one. I know what makes me happy. And I want to do all those things. Writing makes me happy. Posting all my writings on social media is irrelevant to it. Unlike everyone around me who wants to have a house by a certain date, have kids before 35, have a European vacation once a year, I don't have time-bound goals. I want to write books, travel the world, write songs, get my career back on track but I will not lose my sanity over it. I will work. If I will achieve my goals, good. If not, I still want to enjoy the process. On that note, I wrote the following in October. Date Content 10/03/2020 At the end of the evening, your cologne on my neck smells like poetry. 10/04/2020 सारी शाम यही सोचती रही, कि कभी तुम मेरे बारे में भी सोचते हो क्या? 10/05/2020 रोज़ जलती है लाखों चिताएँ यहाँ अंदर ही अंदर जब लोग घुट-घुट कर मरते हैं अफ़सोस हैसियत की बात व

Rewind - September 2020

2020 is a year like no other. It has changed the way we lived. I read an article in the morning. It said we will not get the life we had in January back. I think the article was published on CNN. It was difficult to accept. The point is - this agony doesn't come with a timeline. We don't know when will we come out of it? Isolation and lack of freedom are taking a toll on people's emotional health. It's very surprising that I have reclaimed myself this year. Even though my life is far from normal. I have understood and accepted - life is not a race. Happiness and peace of mind are the most valued things in the universe. I think I have matured 10 years in one year. Good, bad or worse - 2020 has made me a better person. I hope, one day when I will read this blog entry, I will feel proud of the journey I had this year. On the writing front, I have written the following: Date Content 09/01/2020 जाते हुए इक माचिस की डिबिया दे जाते  आग लगानी थी बचे हुए अरमानों को  09/04/2020 ख

Rewind - August 2020

August was a very good month. There was a lot I learned from personal experience which I will imbibe in the journey to be a better human being. I also realized the importance of a healthy enviornment. Cutting ties with toxic people and places has been the greatest learning of August. On the writing front, or, writing-for-pleasure front, I wrote the following: Date Content 08/01/2020 जिस दिन से तुम मिले हो  कमबख़्त रातें कटती ही नहीं  Jis din se tum mile ho Kambakhat raatein katti hi nahi 08/06/2020 कुछ किस्से नए से हुए  पुरानी यादों को ताज़ा करके  Ishq kahan samajh aayega un logo ko Jo sirf jism dekhte hai इश्क़ कहाँ समझ आएगा उन लोगों को  जो सिर्फ जिस्म देखते है  08/12/2020 इंटरनेट पे बोलने वाले भी कमाल करते हैं  बिना कुछ जाने चरित्र पे सवाल करते है Internet pe bolne wale bhi kamaal karte hain Bina kuch jaane charitr pe sawaal karte hai 08/14/2020 हे रब कुछ उल्टा हो जाए लोगों के मुँह बंद हो पर दिल खुल जाए He rab Kuch ulta ho jaaye Logon ke munh band ho Par dil khul jaaye 08/16/2020 काफ

Lambi Judai by Vandana Srinivasan - A Song For Your Parched Soul

Pick your smartphone. Open YouTube. Search Vandana Srinivasan . Tap 'Lambi Judai' from the search result. Keep your phone on a flat surface and be prepared to dive into an ocean of melody. The song starts and the soul-stirring voice of the singer sends shivers down the spine. If art is meant to touch your soul, her rendition will leave for soul hungry for more. I, for one, wept. I wept for almost an hour. The song played on a loop in the background. My body and soul felt light as I was shedding one more tear. I never knew I had those many suppressed and pent-up emotions inside me. Vandana was singing - I was unburdening my soul at her feet. It was cathartic. It was meditative. It was something I never experienced in my life before. Though I listen to at least 50 songs in a day. The song is about memories, separation and love. We have thousands, if not millions, songs on these themes. In fact, this song is a cover. Call me biased, this cover is better than original. The credit

Rewind - July 2020

I can't believe July is gone. 7 months and 2020 is proving nothing but the longest year in the history of the world. I remember we were all so excited about it. 2020 crushed our enthusiam. Yet, I'm very hopeful things will improve soon and we will come out of it with a learning or 2. And here's what I wrote in July -  Date Content 07/12/2020 लोग आते-जाते रहते हैं लहरों की तरह  पर मैं साहिल सी आज भी खाली हूँ  07/13/2020 इस शहर में मकान नहीं मिलते  पर तुम्हें मिलने के बाद अब घर की कमी खलती नहीं  Is shehar mein makaan nahi milte Par tumhe milne ka baad ab ghar ki kami khalti nahin 07/14/2020 Courage is looking at her rose-tinted lips and not diving into her mouth. 07/16/2020 कमजोर थी चाहतें उसकी  पहली मुश्किल पे ही इश्क़ ने दम तोड़ दिया  07/17/2020 काग़ज़ के फूल पे इत्र जैसा इश्क़ आज-कल बनावटी 07/17/2020 I hide you Between the lines Of my unfinished novel 07/17/2020 इश्क़ की आग है ज़ालिम  जलाती कम पर तड़पाती ज़्यादा है 07/20/2020 I’m not a happily-ever-after girl. I’m someone

Rewind - June 2020

Poof! Half of the year is gone. The world has changed. We all are learning to live with the new normal. And I am not writing as much as I should. I hope I write more in July purely because writing gives me sanity. Date Content 06/03/2020 नशा कितना भी कर लूँ ग़म उतरता ही नहीं  Nasha kitna bhi kar loon Gum utarata hi nahi 06/04/2020 बिन बोले सब कह जाती हैं आँखें लफ़्ज़ों की मोहताज नहीं होती 06/06/2020 होपलेस है सजन हरजाई मैं लाखों सा सवरी  पर टिकटॉक पे  नासपीटी कार की वीडियो लगाई Hopeless hai sajan harjai Main lakhon sa savri Par TikTok pe Naspiti car ki video lagai  06/07/2020 कुछ ऐसे बदल गए है तेरे जाने के बाद ग़ैरों से पूछते है खुद का पता Kuch aise badal gaye hai tere jaane ke baad Gairon se poochte hai khud ka pata 06/08/2020 आज जुल्फें खोली होंगी उसने  वरना हवाएँ यूँ महकती नहीं हैं Aaj zulfein kholi hongi usne Varna hawaayein yun mehakti nahi hain  दो बोल प्यार के एक प्याली चाय के साथ  तो बस फिर चीनी की क्या ज़रुरत  06/09/2020 तेरी तस्वीर देख दिन कुछ ऐसे काटते है  मानो आग अंदर लगी ह