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I’m the girl even your friends won’t approve

I burn your soul,
I light that kind of fire.
My words slit innocence into half,
I demand that much desire.

I ruin your days,
Your nights are no longer yours.
Love tastes like brandy-poison mix,
It is not pure.

You reek of desperation,
Your blood boils often.
You write letters with blood,
Only to bury them in an empty coffin.

Neither your body,
Nor your mind makes sense.
I treat you as a lover,
But I call you a friend.

When you grab me by my waist,
I stare into your eyes.
I’m your salvation,
The woman who can listen to your silent cries.

I leave you half-thirsty,
I’m that unfinished prose,
You hate the idea of love now,
You look for yourself on empty roads.

Still you want a lifetime with me?
Because you like the taste of fire.
I may not be a perfect girl,
I’m the only one you admire.

It’s too late now,
I seep into bones fast.
Don’t regret falling in love with me,
Don’t ever call me your past.

Your friends hate me,
You fight for me too.
You declare us soulmates,
Knowing too well that’s…

Your perfect selfie is #Mobiistar away!

Taking a selfie is an art. And only a few can create a masterpiece. You see, it’s not an easy feat to capture yourself with perfect expressions keeping the picturesque background intact. Don’t believe me! Imagine - you are looking ravishing in your new top and you are waiting for your friends at the mall. You want to capture your best self in front of a beautiful window display before the lipstick fades away and hair goes out of place. You point the camera in your direction and take a couple of selfies. Err! Who are we kidding? 2 are never enough. Taking 2 dozen selfies would a safe bet. But the one you like has two boys in the frame instead of the window display. Even if you try to crop the selfie, you can’t fix the problem. Look at my selfie. I cropped it. Still, I couldn’t take the man out of it. I was aiming at the fountain and clicked the man instead. I posted it because that was the best I could do. As a poor craftsman, I blame the tools. Wish I had a better phone! Something wit…

20 Father’s Day Gifts That Won’t Cost You Money

Finding gifts for fathers is a bit of a challenge. The options are limited. They provide for us, give us the best of amenities and their valuable guidance – we must choose a gift that expresses love and gratitude in a thoughtful way. It’s easy to head to the mall and pick an item off the shelf. However, there are gifts for Father’s Day that won’t cost you money but are priceless. Use these ideas to celebrate Father’s Day this year: Clean your dad’s car Men love their car. One of the best gifts for dads is to clean their cars. Clean the interiors, exteriors and in case he has the supplies to polish or wax it, do that too. Make the car spotless so when he drives it to the office on Monday morning, he feels proud of you. Please click to read the complete post on MoneyView Blog

11 Financial Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2018

The earlier generation was excellent when it came to savings. Their investment decisions were not that commendable, though. They believed in saving in bank accounts, fixed-interest instruments or in gold. They were averse to taking risk. We are a generation of risk takers. But make no mistake, we commit more mistake than our parents. We live in the moment knowing too well that the key to financial security is in planning and proper execution. Every mistake made comes at a price. Financial mistakes come with a bigger price, though. The repercussions of money mistakes are huge. One wrong move can lead to shortfall of money for other necessary things. Sticking to the basics, we have compiled a list of 11 financial mistakes you must avoid in 2018: 1. Not having an emergency fund Most of us make this mistake. We all talk about saving for the rainy day, but we rarely do. Imagine an emergency and the situation demands to shell out Rs. 50000 – faulty AC, broken car or home repair. It is a big a…


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21 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas in Under Rupees 1000

There are gifts. And there are thoughtful gifts - something that shows an extra bit of care and love. When it comes to mothers, I don’t believe in wrapping a costly item with a Hallmark greeting card. Mothers deserve something special. Not necessarily an item with a heavy price tag. But certainly heavy on emotions. Here are 21 Mother’s Day gift ideas for less than 1000 rupees. These gifts show you think about her comfort and needs. A mother’s day apronMoms spend most of their time in the kitchen. So aprons make a perfect gift. It’s something they will use the most. To add more warmth to your gift, buy a personalized mother’s day apron. Something like this - Mother's Day Apron at PepperFy for INR 504

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23 Easy Ideas for Millennials to Save Money

It’s fairly easy to earn money. It’s the saving part that becomes tricky. Our expenses, coupled with the pressure of maintaining a lifestyle, take a toll on our investment plans. By the end of the month, there are more bills than money in our accounts. Millenials are under a lot of pressure - to have a big house by 30, brand new gadgets, fancy cars, overseas vacation and what not. This looks daunting. But with little tweaks here and there, it’s attainable. Here are 23 easy ideas that can help millennials to save money and fulfill all their dreams by mid-30s. Make a monthly budgetIt pays to plan ahead. Literally. Set a monthly budget and stick to it. Use your smartphone to keep a tab on your spendings. Download MoneyView app and keep track of your spendings to stay within the assigned limit. Factor in all the costs - rent, utilities, groceries, internet, phone bill, transport, student loan while setting your monthly budget. Link your credit cards and banks accounts to get a clear pictur…


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