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Here's what I learned in 7 years of blogging

7 years ago I started my blog. And I entered the magical world of writing. I was living in the Boston suburbs. After finishing my work and household chores, I still had some spare time. I remember the exact moment I clicked the 'B' icon on Google and I created a Blogger account. I knew only two Bloggers that time - Amitabh Bachchan and Lisa Ray. I had no idea what it takes to be an accomplished blogger, but I was excited to be a part of a community which is independent and expresses its views without any inhibition. I must say, it has been an amazing journey only because I have learned so much. I started by writing poetry, then I started writing articles and now I can write anything. Professionally, I am a content writer for a couple of websites. I ghostwrite for two more agencies based out of North America. I write sponsored articles on my blog. I tweet, post Facebook statutes, answer Quora questions, and mention brands on Instagram for money. Brands even consult me for s

Money Lessons I Wish I Knew at 17

  I have wanted to write this for a long time. Today, I finally have the courage and hopefully articulation to say it in the most meaningful manner. I started working at 17. I have made successful investment decisions, both in the property and share market, in my early 20s. I started my business and practice in the mid-20s and was successful at it, too. Then after my marriage circumstances changed. I had to leave my practice and business behind when I moved to the US. I was on a dependent visa and was not allowed to work there. It was then I started blogging. For those who have seen my blogging journey, I was fairly successful there too. The only mistake I did post marriage was to give control of my finances to my partner. I made money and he took care of it. Please note, I am not blaming him. I somehow lost confidence that I could do it. It came from living in isolation, working from home and losing touch with the real world. In the 1990s, I saw #Longines advertisement in a magazine.

Rewind - March 2021

 I'm very happy when I write. So you all can guess how my March was! Hopefully, April will be better. Date Published 03/05/2021 तुम किसी मौड़ पे थाम लो शायद मेरा हाथ  बस यही सोच-सोच मचल जाती है उँगलियाँ 03/14/2021 There are 2 kinds of wounds. One gives you the ability to bear all kinds of pain. The other takes away your ability to love again.

Rewind - February 2021

I'm growing in leaps and bounds. This growth is worth more than money can ever buy. I'm rediscovering myself. Those who know me before 2008 would say I am going back to my original self. Without divulging the boring details, I'm in a space where I have wanted to be since 2018. I'm more confident, calm and focused. I'm looking forward to what life has in store for me this year. To all those who stood by me, left me, betrayed me, helped me - thank you for giving me life-changing lessons free of cost! And here's what wrote in February 2021. So less, I know! Date Published 02/01/2021 आज लफ्ज़ शर्मिंदा हुए  चुप्पी ने वो कमाल किया 02/10/2021 रुक-रुक के देखते है लोग अब इश्क़ ऐसे जिंदगी तबाह कर के गया 02/10/2021 In a room full of 100 people, if you are not there, it feels empty. 02/10/2021 You are my favourite kind of person - a little mad and a lot of fun. 02/15/2021 पास होने से ज्यादा दूरियों का एहसास दिलाती है वो नज़दीकियाँ जिनमे चुप्पी भरी होती है 02/16/2021 मोहब्ब

Rewind - January 2021

A late post. I forgot to publish it. 2021 is here. We are still in lockdown. And now, I am getting bored of it. I was the normalcy back. How about you? Are you waiting for things to get back to normal or enjoying it? This is what I wrote in January: Date Published 01/3/2021 हर पल मेरा ख्याल रखता है ये दोस्ती नहीं साहब, प्यार लगता है 01/09/2021 तू दूर से देखे  और आँखों-आँखों में इज़हार हो  ये फेसबुक, इंस्टाग्राम वाली दुनिया में  90 के दशक वाला प्यार हो 01/16/2021 मुझे वो लोग ज़्यादा भाते हैं  जो बोलते कम है और कर के ज़्यादा दिखाते है 01/17/2021 दोस्त लेने-देने का हिसाब रखने लगे है यूँ समझ लो दोस्ती के मायने घटने लगे है 01/18/2021 बहुत मासूम होते है वो लोग  जो अपनी गलती को इश्क़ का नाम देते है 01/22/2021 साला नौटंकी सा लगता है इश्क़ आज-कल लोग तसवीरें यादों के लिए कम फ़ेस्बुक के लिए ज़्यादा लेते है 01/23/2021 Bas uss mukaam tak pahuchna Ki maa tumhari fikr kam, zikr zyada kare 01/24/2021 Subah ki chai sa ishq hai hamara Tujhe ek baar hothon se lagaye na toh din shuru nahi hota 01/25/2021

We only love once. Ours was rough and bold.

We smoked like a chimney, We drank like a drain. We were often too filthy, Too fucked up to admit our pain. We looked at tall city scrappers, Wished we could own one. With sorrow and passion running through our veins, We were better lovers than anyone. We ran the marathon half, We couldn’t finish it though. Between the fights we had, Love somehow outgrew. Then life struck us, We started counting pennies and dimes. We started having what all others had, But we stopped being fine. There my love, I lost you on a rainy night. You moved out of the house silently, Without any fight. We lost each other, Most importantly, we lost the spark. Despite the glitz of dollars, Life was albeit dark. It was the end of our love story, It died a silent death. We never crossed paths after that, But we were in each other's eternal debt. We only love once, Ours was rough and bold. In the age of one-night stands, We were old school gold.

Rewind - December 2020

2020 is over - finally. And this year has taught us a lot. One of the learnings of this year - I have to write every day for my sanity. And hopefully, in 2021, I will. This is what I wrote in December 2020: Date Content 12/07/2020 मेहनत कीजिए हाथ पे हाथ रख के बैठने से हाथों की लकीरें नहीं बदलती 12/09/2020 र रात सोने से पहले तुझे याद करना ये इश्क़ कम इबादत ज़्यादा लगती है 12/12/2020 उसके कहने पे सिगरेट छोड़ दी जब उसने छोड़ दिया तो बचे हुए लाइटर से उसके ख़त जलाता हूँ तिल-तिल खुद मर रहा हूँ पर चिता इश्क़ की सुलगाता हूँ 12/15/2020 मैं, तुम और थोड़ी खामोशी शाम बिताने के लिए और क्या चाहिए? 12/17/2020 She has fought enough demons Lived in hell for far too long To be scared by men around her 12/19/2020 आज भी जब कोई घर का पता पूछता है  ज़ुबान पे तेरा ही नाम आता है 12/24/2020 आँखें नम होने पे ख़ुश हो जाती हूँ चलो आज भी कुछ एहसास बाक़ी है मुझमें 12/26/2020 Some people don’t say ‘I love you’ out loud. They share the last bite of food with you. Wait for you patiently outside your office as you fini

Rewind - November 2020

2020 is almost over and what a year it has been! It has taught me to be kind, compassionate and keep it slow. As Bhawana, my friend and sister-in-law says, 'Life is not a race. It's a marathon.' So we all need to keep our energies and sanity alive to make it that far. I am not writing a lot these days. Certainly sharing far less. But I am enjoying it. There is no point doing something for the heck of it! Do it when you enjoy it. I wrote the following in November. Date Content 11/02/2020 My words are scotch - bitter with an aftertaste of honey. 11/03/2020 काली स्याही सी रातें सर्द बर्फ़ीले से दिन बस कुछ ऐसी है ज़िंदगी तेरे बिन  11/11/2020 शिकायतें आज भी तुमसे उतनी ही  हैं बस बोलने का हक़ खो बैठें है  शिकायतें अपनों से होती है ग़ैरों से क्या मलाल करें जिनसे दिल नहीं मिलते उनसे क्या सवाल करें 11/12/2020 Fuck being a princess - let’s rule the world like a warrior. 11/15/2020 रोज़ काटते है लोग दिन यहाँ ज़िन्दगी तो बस कोई कोई जीता है 11/23/2020 हम इश्क़ करें और चर्चे ना हो  ऐसा ग