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She too has a story

Appearances, sigh!

She patted the corner of her eye, dabbed her tears and swallowed her pain. I could feel the emptiness she was hiding. She looked at me as if it was a gentle 'thank you' for my mute presence. She smiled meekly, I prompted that too. Then, she started fiddling with her mobile as I pretended to read. The story of my everyday commute back home - being part of someone's story, sharing a gesture here and there.

But she was an exception. Those big brown eyes pierced inside my soul. Unaware of the effect her presence had on me, she smiled intermittently. It was a fake smile, I could tell. I have seen her real smile. It is far more radiant and earnest. Ajay keeps their photo in his purse. I am waiting for the day either he takes that photo out or I kick him out of my life. Till that happens, three of us will live with a heavy heart and a torn soul.

And here comes her stop, she will walk into her empty bedroom and I will walk into a messed one.

There - she has a s…

Quote Unquote ~ 44/365

Posted by Words on Saturday, March 28, 2015


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Aspirations, dreams and reaching milestones...

It fills me with a lot of positivity when I see people taking concrete steps towards their future, like the couple in this video. I can so relate to them. When I got married, me and my husband started planning for our future. Now, after watching this video, I feel even we should make our own scrapbook, instead of listing our milestones in random order on a piece of paper. It would be a fun way of planning future and filing the pages would bring immense pleasure and pride. What do you think... have a look and decide for yourself.

Now, what's life without aspirations, I ask? Apart from having a long bucket list, there are a few dreams that I have for myself and my family, There are a couple that I have achieved in the last few years (have a look at them in my scrapbook). And, all that was possible because of proper planning. I strongly believe in the adage - Well planned life for a beautiful tomorrow. Here are a few milestones that I wish to reach in years to come -
Buy a plot of lan…

Quote Unquote ~ 43/365

Posted by Words on Saturday, March 7, 2015


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There, I said it!

Ample space in my closet Still feel like a bird in cage Oceans dried up - empty and barren My closet is just that space
If you have come this far, And made sense of first four lines. I salute your creative genius, And your intelligence just blew my mind.
Neither I can understand such depth, Nor I read any such piece. Even Shakespeare's skeleton shakes up, Hearing these weird writing techniques.
If a leaf falls from the tree, Let the poor soul be at rest. By mixing tea cup and grave, What are you trying to suggest?
Rhyme-meter-syllable-style, I can still manage to care. But what the hell is a cobweb doing? In a poem on love affair.
I understand your in-depth analysis, The profound thought, a different point of view. But world is too simple, Too stupid to und


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Kiss me baby one more time

Dear Love,
It rained yesterday evening. I was relieved by the first showers of the season, but my respite turned into restlessness during the night. Weather was humid, the circular movement of pedestal fan swayed memories back and forth to the day you kissed me. Each swirl of fan took me to those stairs where you held me by my waist. I was confused, did I try to get away or I melted right into your arms? I am not sure. How it happened has faded, but not how I felt. I guess they are right about the first kiss.

I turned sides endless times. Each time I closed my eyes to gather the sequence of that moment, a strong surge engulfed me. I drowned in swivet that dried my throat and left my body aching for it one more time. I still remember the salty fragrance of your body, your off-white t-shirt and the intoxicating taste of your mouth. Later, I picked up my phone and checked our college photo in which Priya tagged all of us on Facebook. It was just after that kiss Priya clicked it outside the…