Aspirations, dreams and reaching milestones...

It fills me with a lot of positivity when I see people taking concrete steps towards their future, like the couple in this video. I can so relate to them. When I got married, me and my husband started planning for our future. Now, after watching this video, I feel even we should make our own scrapbook, instead of listing our milestones in random order on a piece of paper. It would be a fun way of planning future and filing the pages would bring immense pleasure and pride. What do you think... have a look and decide for yourself.

Now, what's life without aspirations, I ask? Apart from having a long bucket list, there are a few dreams that I have for myself and my family, There are a couple that I have achieved in the last few years (have a look at them in my scrapbook). And, all that was possible because of proper planning. I strongly believe in the adage - Well planned life for a beautiful tomorrow. Here are a few milestones that I wish to reach in years to come -

Buy a plot of land -
I have a house of my own and I do believe in diversifying my investments. Thinking of long-term investment, nothing sounds better than buying a piece of land in a good neighborhood. It's not that I want to buy it only for monetary returns, I have a dream of opening a Cafe one day and having a land of my own can make it a lot easier. Buying a plot is like paving the way for two of my dreams in one go.

Vacation in France and Italy -
Traveling is one of my passions. In fact, making itineraries is my favorite pass time. What could be a better milestone in my travel journal than to have a relaxed and extended stay in two of my favorite countries. I don't want to go to these counties only for sightseeing, I want to spend some quality time and get a feel of their rich culture. Florence, Paris, Venice, Bologna, Nice and Strasbourg are my top five cities from these countries.

A good investment portfolio -
I have been investing in the stock market, mutual funds in particular, for over a decade. One thing I have learnt through experience, both from my own as well as my husband's, is never to put all eggs in one basket. Now, my long term plan is to have a good portfolio - few fixed deposits to meet future personal responsibilities, good mutual funds to grow the investment without much risk, quality stocks in my Demat, pension plan and insurance policies. For a long, happy and stress-free life, investing money wisely is a must. Future is unpredictable and such a planning can go a long way to ensure that one is prepared to face all the bouncers life may throw.

My Scrapbook!

My Money book by Exide Life Insurance is a great tool that can help us track our future planning. It has details that guides us to monitor our spendings, savings and shows how close we have reached in fulfilling our dreams. It is one comprehensive journal to record our policies, loan, property, insurance and healthcare details. Me and my husband maintain our saving and investment accounts on excel, but after having a look at My Money Book, I feel it is a much better option than that. There are times when I have to search for a contact number or policy's payment date. I feel by using My Money Book, I can take care of all aspects of my finances at one place and without any hassles. I can keep all my important documents at one place. It's one must have book to manage and record our familys' finances. Kal khoobsurat hai and let's make it even better with wise planning.

As they say, dream without a plan is simply a wish - plan your future, keep track of your finances and invest wisely. Have a look at My Money Book and Exide Life Insurance Policies - both will help you in achieving your milestones.


  1. Travelling seems to be the common point n everybody's dream...and yes Saru financial planning is necessary to be able ti fulfill your dreams. Exide Life video with the scrapbook concept is a nice one :-)

  2. Very in-depth post Saru. Great work!

  3. Love the video and your future plans Saru. true, we need to plan for our future and love your idea of a cafe:)

  4. We all wish to travel. :-) A great list there, Saru. I loved their concepts too.

  5. Great ideas Saru. Financial planning is really very important in life. Wish you reach all these milestones comfortably.

  6. Lucrative narrative as usual. And my best wishes for all your plannings.

  7. That was quite a sweet little ad. I think your milestones are similar to what most of us plan for. The best being the travel part :D.

  8. Saru this is a very inspiring post for homemakers, who are newly married. Planning is very important at every stage of life.

  9. Aah the travel plan is my favorite :)

  10. nice post Saru. People are wisely investing than before. and vacation in Italy is my fantasy too!

  11. Wish you all the very best, Saru. I felt so happy after viewing your scrapbook. :)

  12. U can make any boring topic like Insurance also very interesting

    My First Vlog

  13. Perhaps your scrapbook is made up of travel memories and photos?

  14. Wow..!! I loved you analysis.. and your scrapbook :)
    All the best for your beautiful future :)


  15. I identify most with the slow travel plan! As for planning - ah, being wise is a good thing, though not always the easiest. :)

  16. @Everyone - Thank you so much for reading and sharing your views.


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