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Let's Face This- Facebook!

We all are celebrities and the credit goes to Social Networking Websites. We have friends from across the globe and people follow us. However, nothing changed our life like Facebook. But now Facebook has to change as Google is at the verge of launching Google+ Why Facebook needs a face-lift: Google+ will be more graphical and is going to be based on the concept of circles. Circles will be categories of people on your network like family, colleagues and friends; you can make as many circles as you wish. There will be circles on your page rather than a list. Friend suggestions by Google+ will be outside the circle. You can add people by dragging their name into the circle and delete them by dragging the name out of the circle. On deletion names will burst like a cloud of smoke (more fun visually). In Google+ you will have the option to control your profile view for different people. The best thing is you can see how your profile will

Few Steps...

The rain was your hands, covering my body Wind your fragrance which has touched me already So those few steps between us conveyed no meaning As we stood in front of each other When it was raining… Each drop of rain was your love for me The distance kept us bonded but feelings were free You told me everything Although we were apart I was feeling your warmth in my heart Then those few steps between us couldn’t stop us from doing What we wanted to do And was proved that You love me and I love you… After few years when we will search memories down the lane I will lean on your shoulder and complain Give me my days back and my smile Then after walking for so many miles Those few steps will be the only reason to tell you That I always missed you in the rainy season...

What's in a Name?

A bluebird (twitter) told the world that blue-eyed beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is pregnant. Her pregnancy elated not only her family and friends but the general public as well. The moment Amitabh Bachchan tweeted this news; it spread like a wildfire. We are not focusing on her pregnancy as the media is stuffed with every bit of information we can imagine. Our endeavor is to understand why her pregnancy has created such hype that she is even trending on US Yahoo! Aishwarya Rai won Miss World title in 1994 and till 1999 (Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, her first hit movie) she was famous as people thought of her as the first Indian to win Miss World. Though, the first Indian to win the coveted title was Rita Faria in 1966. Aishwarya’s unparalleled popularity is an example that she is a beauty with brains. Unlike everyone, she focused on making her name a brand. Now, her name is unaffected by weight, controversial outfits and even flop movies.  Three important factors that cont

Je t'aime - I

In this garden, My soul wanders, my self is lost. I breathe love in this place, Here life unfolds. I walk here every day, Every day I sigh. With my arms folded around me, Waiting for this July. I have lost count of time, Count of days and nights. Since I sit on this bench, Holding his letter tight. I kissed him goodbye, For he will return to us. In this Garden, this July, To give voice to my words. This poem is about a lady who is waiting for her beloved. He wrote a letter saying that he will come in July and meet her in the garden where they met last time. Now, she is waiting for him every day. Je t’aime means ‘I Love You’ in French.

Strolling towards a Better Life

Walk towards a better life, I heard someone say, a few days back. And he meant it literally. Walking, as we all know is the most common exercise. It is arguably the easiest way to keep a check on someone’s health, as it burns calories, thus tuning the cardiovascular system. We have heard many stories of how people followed a simple 30 minutes walking routine to keep themselves in shape. As being fit is a personal choice and is often followed by other caveats like mood, time and motivation,  going for a walk every day is not something which is being followed by everybody religiously. Then how does one overcome this challenge to be excited enough to go for a walk? To counter the mood element, technology has come to our rescue. Switch on the music on your phone, mp3 or iPod, plug in the earphones and you are all set to pace forward. However, time is often cited the biggest obstruction in the walk plan. For those who don’t have much time, experts have suggested dividing 30 minute

On a May Day!

Love so gratifying, love so profound Love at its height, love, I found It was the season, it was May Air spoke of love, it was raining every day Stars didn’t come, they went out to romance Clouds sheltered them, showing their stance Morning schemed passion, evening, was on fire Sensed like everything brimmed with desire Should I say or else keep quiet? For my man will laugh on my plight It happened in summers, I loudly say I fell in love on a May day!

STEM Roots

Ever imagined the future of a country depending on STEM.  It is true, and it is what America is thinking these days.  STEM  is an acronym which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. And according to both the United States National Research Council and the National Science Foundation, these fields are collectively considered core technological underpinnings of an advanced society. We all are aware of the impact of recent recession on US job market. And more so, how hard it has been to bring down the jobless claims for the present government. Few days back, in Durham North Carolina, Mr Obama said companies in the US are having a tough time finding the right candidates in STEM fields, which according to him, is not a good sign for the future of the country. He added that STEM subjects are the ones in which students from India and China are marching ahead and are grabbing the jobs. According to the US Government reports, only 4% of all undergradu

A Love Story

He met her, when the wind was cold. They loved each other, as he told. She was fair, with black-brown eyes. Life is a poor affair without love, he then realized. They lived in a beautiful world with happiness surround, He kissed her every moment when she was around. So, He was the luckiest man till date; with a fate line anyone would hate. No, He said... with eyes frozen, You can call it life without life and my heart is broken. She betrayed me on fine sunny day, when I was on my way. She was smiling looking up in the sun, She died, when she was young. *Image Source - Here