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Silence Speaks...

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Quote Unquote ~ 12/365

“To soar, we must leave anything that weighs us down...” ― Saru Singhal — T. Harv Eker (@T_Harv_Eker)  August 7, 2013 For more quotes, stalk me on - Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram

Ring the Bell for Change

I have been witnessing or experiencing the one sided judgements of society. A rule-book of what a woman should do, what to wear, how to behave, what to speak and sadly, what a woman should think! I am not someone who will shout slogans at the top of her voice. I would rather do my bit and encourage others by setting an example. I believe, I'm that tiny stone that will lead to ripples of change. 2012 was a dark year in Indian history. We witnessed how low humanity can stoop. We saw brutality, we realized how much we need to change and educate our society. There are some deep rooted myths and some stupid logics. But, who will act? Do we have time to look beyond our family and friends? I guess, NO! Then why don't we start within our own circle. Let's start by standing up for those who are a part of our lives. Bibi Aisha - Time's Cover, 2010 I hope you all know about Bibi Aisha . She was on Time's cover in summer 2010. Given away in traditional b

Quote Unquote ~ 11/365

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...And we twist!

I was pretty charged up seeing Parineeti Chopra winning awards. We come from same town - Ambala. We lived just 7 kilometers apart. If she can do it, why can't I? But with five feet, yours truly, was in no mood to be next Rani Mukherjee. So, I worked on my strength. No! Not being fat, silly. Gippi flopped and we don't imitate flop ideas in Bollywood. I approached the coveted 4th Floor of Yash Raj clad in a burqa. Everybody thought I was Rani in disguise meeting Aditya Chopra and the entry was easy. Now, Adi has a knack for spotting talent. He appreciated my (re)writing abilities but I must say, he was very honest, 'I appreciate your sense of humor Saru, but to be very honest, you are no good yourself. If you can join hands with some good script writers, I may consider you.' I nodded, 'Ok Sir, you see it's either Remake or Sequel season. I was thinking if you can remake Sholay and I could assist Javed Sir and Salim Sir. We can twist it and have a