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World's oldest trade - many are forced into it, many suffer on a daily basis. However, there are thousands who irrespective of what life has thrown at them, never deter from their duties. A mother is a mother - as they simply say! For more hashtag stories, stalk me on - Facebook , Twitter and Instagram

XENDER celebrates Diwali with 170 Million Users and a New Logo

Xender, a comprehensive app, that allows the users to share all kinds of files on computer and mobile devices has crossed 17 million users this year. It enables the file transfer without using any mobile data. Xender is supported on all platform and operating system - Android, IOS, Windows, PC/ Mac cross-platform transferring with over 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed. Available in over 22 languages including English, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai and Bengali, this is a must app on your phone! And the big news is - XENDER APP CLOCKS IN 170 MILLION USERS And Launched Its New Logo for Diwali As a popular file transfer and sharing application, XENDER has announced that it has reached 50% market share in India in the crowded file transfer market. XENDER has clocked in 170 million Indian users over the last three years alone with an annual growth rate of over 100%. XENDER has long maintained a leading position in mobile sharing tool mar

How to Prevent Your Holiday Spending From Going Out of Control

I am not an extravagant. I keep a close eye on my spendings. But there comes a time in the year when I want to splurge. We all do. Festivals are a great excuse for that! As usual, this year I was out for shopping with a long list. Old habits die hard and having a list is a much while shopping. I went 7 times to shop for Diwali. Yes, 7! It was all good the first time. I bought many things - all useful and I didn’t care for the price. On the second day, I bought many things I liked, some unnecessary and some ‘new in the market’ - oh, I must try these! It was only after my 3rd Diwali haul, I realized I was piling bags in my bedroom and I might not use them all. It shook me as I am that ‘I stick to the list’ type of girl. So, where was I wrong? I took my list to have a close look and here’s what I found out - Set a Budget I had a list but I had no budget. Even with splurging we need a budget. We shouldn’t max-out our credit cards. And we shouldn’t exhaust our money on unneces

Girl With Extra Baggage*

I hurried to the station I missed few beats I skipped few steps I did all so I could make it on time I had to You were waiting for me I reached an abandoned station Empty platform stared at me My tears gave me company A gentle mismatched stream Left eye was in a rush Shedding every bit of hope through it I imagined a thousand scenarios Something happened to you Someone said something to you Even in my misery All I thought was - you About half an hour later I hurried back to my house I didn't miss a beat I didn't skip any step I did all so I could to make it before dinner I had to Though no one was waiting for me But when I reached home I found out how it felt to be homeless within four walls . . . I built four walls around you Called you home You left and made my heart homeless *She carried only three dresses in the bag but a big tsunami inside her. **Image Source - Here

Lending Money to Friends and Family – When to Say No

I believe in helping friends and family. What’s the point of having money if we can’t support our near and dear ones? I must admit, there have been situations where I have regretted lending money. Once, someone delayed the payment to unbelieving long time and started avoiding us. The other time, we saw this person splurging money on luxuries without even bothering to return our money. One should never lend their hard earned money to undeserving people, no matter how close the relation is. There comes a point when saying NO is the best call. After a few unsavory experiences, I have learned to say no on these occasions - When Someone Wants Money for a Luxury Purchase This one is a definite no-no. Lending money to support education, medical emergency or to make the deficit for a big investment, like a house, is understandable. But lending money to buy a car is not. This is among the few situations where I refuse to lend money. There are certain purchases that can certainly wait.