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Immortal Online

Neither abridged Nor partially baked We write who we are With precise time and date Opined, aware Unclogging mind as we pen Calling dud a dud Or praising something 10 on 10 Our presence is feeble Our impact high Bane or boon - Internet made our lives glorified At 65, we might ponder Why we wrote so mundane? After we're gone, our children will flip posts To ease off their pain Preserved for eternity Our words will soothe and tell A diary of ups and downs But a life spent very well I was reading 'The Diary of a Young Girl' which has impacted millions years after Anne Frank died. And a thought came to my mind - All bloggers are immortal online . Our posts can bring gush of emotions not only to us but to all those who read our blogs. It's our online diary many can connect with. It widens our existence and preserves our emotions for eternity. What do you all think?  *Image Source - Here