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Friends for Life

I always thought schools and teachers are in shortage and books are in abundance. As a kid I always had more books than what I could read. Though all of it were text books, but surely, books were always more in supply. Sadly, this is not the case in reality. Watch the following video and you will find that we don't have enough books in India. Twenty kids have to share a single book as per statistics. Now, how can we expect children to read without books? And more importantly, how can we progress without education?
And when I heard about Pratham Books' mission - A book in every child's hand, I felt it was a far fetched dream. When the government's way of luring the kids into schools with food and other laws are failing, how can they possibly achieve that mission? Also, as far as I remember, reading has never been that much fun. Then I dug deeper with sheer curiosity of how Pratham functions and how a book reaches a child. I must say, I was amused and I had fun. To start…


Don't do it, Don't even try, Seasons yearned for it, What autumn just complied.
Don't you tuck, Fallen hair behind... Till the spring blows a whistle. Till the summer harsh up a little.
Or else, you may allow My fingers to tuck them in. To be close to those perfect lips... To feel the velvet of your skin...
To sing a song into your ear, And light up the evening a bit. Then, let the body do the talking If only, you permit...
Stepping close I wonder, Beauty so sublime. Speaking only with her eyes, She pauses time.
*Aphrodite is the greek goddess of love and beauty. Reposting one of my favorite poems. **Image Source here

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A Scene that Moved Me

Like most of you, I am a movie buff. The new wave cinema is more refreshing for me than the usual dose of hero fighting 20 men. Few weeks back, I was watching Jolly LLB and I couldn't sleep properly for many days. There is a scene in the movie that moved me. Here's a snippet for those who haven't seen it…

Men urinating in public places is a common sight in India but I wept after watching it. More than the fact that I was moved, I knew I had done so much wrong in my life. I have littered the roads, thinking I was throwing a bus ticket or a toffee wrapper and what bad it could possibly do to the dirtiest roads of India. But, after watching that scene, I felt I threw trash in someone's bedroom. In India we don't just drive on roads. We set pandals, we have weddings, we eat and unfortunately, many live on roads. Do we spit or pee in a place where we eat or sleep?
There are 78 million homeless people in India. According to CRY, there were 11 million homeless children s…

Zipping through the Himalayas

Still, yet vibrant; mountains fascinate almost every one. My love affair with hill stations dates back to the time when I first saw beautiful landscapes captured in the movies. It mesmerizes me and thrills me. My perfect road trip was, where I drove through various towns and had a perfect weekend in Manali. My road trip was from Ambala, my hometown, to Manali - one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh.
The Perfect Trip Idea:Have a fun trip with family - Plan to cover important places and embrace the unexpected adventures, while spending enough time at each spot. Route:Ambala - Kiratpur Sahib - Anandpur Sahib - Swarghat - Bilaspur - Sundernagar - Mandi - Bhuntar - Kullu - Naggar - Manali  Car:Tata Safari Companions:My family Time of the Year: August Duration:4 Days
Take a look at this video that I created to take you through the journey I planned...

Day Zero Pack the clothes, don't forget the woolens.Keep blanket, torch, emergency supplies and toiletries.Some packed snacks, pap…

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पश्मीना अल्फ़ाज़

This week's #ThatTuesdayThingy prompt on Indiblogeshwaris is a song - Time Traveller by Rahul Sharma.
This is how I felt after listening to it. जहाँभीमैंजातीहूँ,  चुपचापकरते हैंआवाज़! पाक़बेफिक्रेसे, तेरेपश्मीनाअल्फ़ाज़!!
पानीकीसिलवटोमें, बहतीहूँकुछइसतरह! हरबूँदमेंहोजैसे, एकनयाआगाज़! औरसाथ - साथबहते हैं, तेरेपश्मीनाअल्फ़ाज़!!
कईदिन, कईमहीने!
भीड़मेंभीरखते हैंमुझेमहफूज,
अकेलीनहींइसशोरमें, नहूँमैं उदास! हरपलसाथदेते हैं तेरेपश्मीनाअल्फ़ाज़!!

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