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Words...My Words...

It's only words and words are all I have to take your heart away.  And I hope, I do that sometimes... This is the 100th post on this blog. Well, to call it a blog is an understatement. It is a part of me now. I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my journey. Here's what I think of Words... Vagabond I am... Tuning life with verses and phrase. Scribbling essence in black ink, A legacy I'll take to my grave. Out-shining this world, Living a million lives in a single day. With words, my words, Words, those are, Slightly salty, slightly stray... Looking forward to hearing what you think of me and my words.

The Curious Case of Facebook Likes

Thy shall scroll down and down, Till you come by a post. No, not yours, not of your friends, A celebrity picture liked by most. Fifty-three shares, ninety-eight comments, Crawled the server of the host. Wonder what the celebrity would give... His  Lamborghini free of cost? Is it a race or craze? ...I better find out. As when I share a social cause, No one listens even if I shout. I curate the timeline, For what's happening in my friends' lives. Have no interest in knowing, Saif took Kareena as his second wife. The laziest man alive, Discovered the LIKE button. Now he must be wondering, Why everybody acts so sudden. Please don't spam the feed, It's a public plea. For celebrity news we would rather,  Flip to Page 3. P. S. : You can LIKE, SUPERLIKE and SHARE this post.

Why should I be ashamed?

Unapologetic, Unfettered, They act, they speak; Claiming to protect me, Unleashing the critique. Naked mindset ought to be blamed, Not me...why should I be ashamed? I deny your thumb rules, I won't marry, I'm not semi-clad; Fed you, bred you, Otherwise what you had? Respect oozes from my name, Then...why should I be ashamed? Chalk a circle around yourself, You shall live and die in it; Without a woman standing besides, You can hardly do a bit. Broken, twisted, with hardly anything to claim, Standing tall...why should I be ashamed? *My unapologetic reply to Khaps and to the 'moral police' of Haryana (sadly, my native state). *Click and Listen this poem on SoundCloud

A Journey Within

Like a wanderer on a smoky road,  My soul was filled with doubt. Loaded with complex emotions,  I searched for my whereabouts. Carrying piles of concrete and debris of past, I traveled across boundaries of relations. Puzzled with almost everything, Couldn't find the translations. Read, heard, applied all theories, Some worked, some failed. Life was like a broken ship, Which somehow sailed. Battling across shores, I met life, Simple, gentle and carrying a promise to begin. Forget curses and mistakes; hold future, And, search for happiness within.

Train to Delhi

What else could go wrong with his life? Almost everything he did was either unacceptable or dejected. Ajay took his backpack and walked away from his friends, friends who once stood by him. In the last six years life has taken a 180 degrees turn. Once swinging high on popularity, Ajay now hears sympathetic whispers. His presence resonates sufferings. A Saturday night outing turned ugly for his family when a speeding SUV hit their car. His mother died on the spot, his sister was badly injured and he lost his leg. His father suffered the least but the emotional loss was beyond repair.  It took Ajay four months to return to his normal life, though the cry for normalcy was snubbed somewhere within. A normal 17 years old can walk without support, he couldn't. Initially he was grateful to his friends who infused hope and spattered cheers on dull evenings. But not now, now, they all have moved on leaving him alone, not literally though. He was welcome but not like old days. He wa