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Chikni Soorat Tu Kahan Tha...

Close to a couple of decades before Katrina sizzled in Chikni Chameli , I associated the word Chikni with Aamir. Wondering? I drooled over Aamir's cute face in Chikni Soorat Tu Kahan Tha... and thought my man would be like him - perfect, witty and clean-shaven at every hour of the day. Good old teen-age days when we fantasized and felt chiffon sarees can make us Yash Raj heroine. Sadly, truth is stranger spikier than fiction. Yes, Spikier ! How would you feel when after a long tiring day, you dress up for your man and he takes pride in flaunting 5 O'clock shadow. Worse, acts as if it doesn't even exist. Helpless, huh!  Ladies, with a never die attitude here's how I embarked on the scruffy journey to convince my man to flaunt a Chikni Soorat even after 5 PM. As you all know - A picture speaks a thousand words , I e-mailed him these pictures yesterday morning. For starters, even George Clooney doesn't look tempting in the evening stubble :( **********

ये लफ्ज़...

मुद्दत से दबा के रखा था , अब बेरोक जुबा पे आते हैं ! थोड़े नमकीन , थोड़े आवारा से , कमबख्त , ये लफ्ज़ रुसवा कर जाते हैं ! उसकी आहट पे परेशान हों ,  अब वो दिन गये , धीरे - धीरे हर बार अब   कुछ नया कह जाते है , थोड़े हसीन ,  थोड़े आवारा से , कमबख्त , ये लफ्ज़ रुसवा कर जाते हैं ! उलज़ गई   कल मैं   बातोँ के जाल में , मेरी बेबसी पे भी गुस्ताख कहाँ शरमाते है , थोड़े   बेखॊफ़ ,  थोड़े आवारा से , कमबख्त , ये लफ्ज़ रुसवा कर   जाते हैं ! छोड़ दे लफ्जों का साहारा और बातें करें   चुपचाप ! मेरी आँखों में ही छुपे हैं   मेरे ज़ज्बात !!

Cry of a Mother

Half of the time, I smiled, For the better half, I raised him. I painted his future with fine strokes, I put amber where light was dim. What went wrong? I wish I could answer, I wish I knew. I wish my flesh and blood, Gave me a better adieu. Till the last tear they will shed in grief, I'll remain by their side. Weeping in silent tears, I'm shaking from inside. Hold me tight, as tight it can be, Though my soul is trying to break free. *This poem is written from the perspective of Nancy Lanza, Mother of Adam Lanza, who killed 26 people, including 20 kids in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newport, Connecticut, after killing his Mother .

Bling, Fashion and More...

I don't do fashion, I AM fashion - Coco Chanel The moment you believe in it, trust me, you'll look good in everything you wear.  For this festive season, I'm wrapping up my sequins, layers and gold in tissue paper and dressing up in Fifth Avenue style...with some bling and a lot of fashion. So, here's what I'm wearing this season. There is absolutely no debate that you can never go wrong with black. So, I've  combined Vero Moda black lace top with stylish, elegant and chic   Remanika flared pants . To add bling to my look, I've opted for  Infinity bracelet  and  necklace . I love the generous dose of colors in their jewelry, perfect to light up any event. If you are wondering what will rest on my polished fingers, I would flaunt my recent possession, a surprise gift by my husband . Being married comes with its own reward points! For ears, I have picked feather shaped black Pretty Women earrings to match with the top. Hanging