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Without You

Today was a beautiful day, I thought so. It passed by smoothly, Without anything special though. I had a smile, I had a laugh, I wish I could have that from my heart. My happiness faded, hugging all dry, And my hopes could only cry. I had these thoughts, Every morning, every night. But one thing I missed to realize. Without your words, Without your smile, How could I have lived my life? *This is an unedited poem I wrote in my teens.

A picture does speak a thousand words!

Ten years ago... I rubbed the ashes on my chest, Life changed that day. Leaving the grave of my belongings, I walked far far away ... Red, white, black, green, Colors of celebrations affray. Streets screamed in blood red, So I walked far far away ... Broken twigs of that tree, My son asked me everyday. Why didn’t I bring the tree along? When I walked far far away ... A helpless name, A lamented photo, A lot to face everyday. Like a common man, I walked far far away ... In 2002,   Godhra riots    brought the ugly  side  of our society. The photo above clicked during the riots by Arko Datta became the face of that tragedy. Qutubuddin Ansari, the man in the photo suffered a lot as people mocked him (However,  claims that the photo is fake). In search of a normal life, he left Gujarat. This poem is an attempt to canvas his reasons and pains to move to another state.  Though, lat

Ladder of Success

Sing your failures as a hymn, It ignites the hunger to succeed. Only those who work on their flaws, Stand firmly on their feet.

अधूरी दास्ताँ

ये लफ्ज़ अधूरे पर बातें पूरी है, दो जिस्मों में जैसे तिनका भर दूरी है, ये फ़ासिले न तय होंगे कभी, क्योंकि हर दास्ताँ -ए- मोहब्बत अधूरी है ! उसके दफ़्न होते ही, शुरू होगा इक और सफ़र,  तन्हाई मिटाने के लिए उसकी, हो जाऊँगी मैं भी दफ़्न ! क्योंकि रूमानी रिश्तों में तो अल्लाह की भी मंजूरी है, पर जाने क्यों हर दास्ताँ -ए- मोहब्बत अधूरी है ! वो छोड़ दे पहले की तरह, या लगा ले गले, उसके मुताबिक़ मेरी हर साँस चले ! हमारे मिलन में अभी सदियों की दूरी है, मेरी दास्ताँ -ए- मोहब्बत अधूरी है ! ~ सरू सिंघल ~