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Rewind - March 2020

I didn't write much this month. Covid-19 gave me many sleepless nights. I wish it just goes away miraculously. Maintain social distance and stay safe everyone. Date Content 03/02/2020 गीली मिट्टी की ख़ुशबू की तरह दो आँसू क्या गिरे तेरी यादें महक गई Geeli mitti ki khushboo ki tarah Do aansoo kya gire teri yaadein mehak gayi 03/05/2020 दर्द पीते-पीते इतने थक गये  चार घूँट शराब मरहम बन गयी  Dard peete-peete itne thak gaye Chaar ghoont sharab marham ban gayi 03/12/2020 दो अपनों के बीच इतनी दूरी  एक ही घर में गैरों की तरह रहते हैं Do apno ke beech itni doori Ek hi ghar mein gairon ke tarah rehte hain 03/16/2020 तुम इश्क़ की तीली लगा कर तो देखो  मैं सस्ती बीड़ी की तरह जलने को तैयार हूँ  Tum ishq ki teeli laga kar toh dekho Mein sasti beedi ki tarah jalne ko taiyaar hun 03/17/2020 Poets, lovers and artists strongly believe in the therapeutic power of two things - hugs and alcohol. 03/17/2020 आहिस्ता से पूछती हैं करवटें इतन

Main lut gayi, main barbaad ho gayi, usne mera content chura liya wale siyaape kaun kare!

I love writing - that's an understatement. I've written in situations where normal people go mad. But because I'm already insane, I find sanity in pen and paper. Many years ago when a CA copied most of my poems on his blog, I was flabbergasted. But after ranting for 2 hours, I was so bored, I gave up on him. I have to say it again - he was dumb. He copied the title of one poem and text of another to compile a blog post. Poem on divorce had the title of one-night stand poetry. Forget plagiarism, I was offended ki meri protagonist ko usne characterless bana diya. Then a Delhi based publishing house did it. The guy abused me for pointing out his folly. Blogger this, blogger that - he sang for a week. He was in Delhi, I was in New York. He was so desperately miserable to save his face, I wanted to hold a candle march for him at Times Square with a placard - Shanti de bhagawan aapko. The icing on the cake was when the casting director of one of the biggest production ho

Because you are addicted to Gold Flake and I am addicted to you.

Like that cigarette slowly burning between your fingers, I burn too. Because you are addicted to Gold Flake and I am addicted to you. The only difference - you can buy your addiction - but I can't win over you in a million years. The only similarity - you crush both cigarette butts and my hopes multiple times a day under your feet. You are one cruel b*****d. Oh man, why I still love you so very much? I think about that a lot sober. There has to be a reason for this unwavering, almost God-like devotion towards you. For the life of me, I can't find an answer to that question. I don't know why I want to walk barefoot on a black beach with you. Watch the sunset - and - watch your features turn into a beautiful silhouette. As the evening would sink into darkness and we will lay on the beach to watch the stars and crescent moon - I want to smell the salty ocean on your skin. Then when you will try to light that f*****g Goldflake and put it between your lips, I will th

I'm a poetry book in love with a Shakespeare play

We were two books, Stacked on the same shelf. In an old library, Where requited lovers came for help. There were a few books between us, Never were we ever close. There was a one-time guy who borrowed me, Left for the girl who borrowed you a rose. You smelled lovely for over a month, Then the fragrance tapered away. I was so horny for you, From the mid of April till the end of May. Did you notice? I actually fell for you one night. Thinking an amateur would put me mistakenly, Next to you to make things right. A silly girl placed me in the morning,  Just across of you on the desk. You looked so hot from there, My patience was put to test. I flipped, heaved and sighed, They thought under the ceiling fan. Those loveless people wouldn’t know, In how many ways I desired you man. I was all a poetry book, You were a Shakespeare play. An affair between us, Wouldn’t have been such a cliche. You used to go away, For mo