Because you are addicted to Gold Flake and I am addicted to you.

Like that cigarette slowly burning between your fingers, I burn too. Because you are addicted to Gold Flake and I am addicted to you. The only difference - you can buy your addiction - but I can't win over you in a million years. The only similarity - you crush both cigarette butts and my hopes multiple times a day under your feet. You are one cruel b*****d.

Oh man, why I still love you so very much? I think about that a lot sober. There has to be a reason for this unwavering, almost God-like devotion towards you. For the life of me, I can't find an answer to that question.

I don't know why I want to walk barefoot on a black beach with you. Watch the sunset - and - watch your features turn into a beautiful silhouette. As the evening would sink into darkness and we will lay on the beach to watch the stars and crescent moon - I want to smell the salty ocean on your skin. Then when you will try to light that f*****g Goldflake and put it between your lips, I will throw it away and dive into your mouth with my tongue. I will flow boundlessly into you like a river flows into the ocean. I will swim in you. I will dive in you. I will drown in you. Then with my taste on your breath, I want to hear my name from your mouth. Just one time. One f*****g time. Please.

I don't care about 'I love yous.' Never have. Never will. I want an evening with you. Something I can call mine. When I will be 60 and I will sit on a couch on a lonely evening, I will wrap myself in the memory of that evening to keep myself warm. Give me that. Not a lifelong commitment. Just a hot as f**k memory.

I go back and forth in my head. I think about you in the empty pockets of time I have in my busy day. I'm f*****g addicted to you.

Damn, who says smoking is injurious to health? Bloody hell, you are!

P. S. On #WorldPoetryDay, I had to write something.


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