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तकिये के नीचे...

ग़म इतना गहरा था शायद उम्र भर उसे कुरेदते ही रहे हर बात पे गहरी सांस ले कर   तेरी तस्वीर को देखते ही रहे फलक तक साथ मुश्किल था तो कुछ क़दम में दम भर लिया मैंने किराये के मकान में कुछ दिन काफी होते हैं मैं उम्र भर चली थी उसमें रहने क़रीब नहीं थे कभी इतना कि तुम्हे हर लफ्ज़ की गहरायी समझाती औने-पौने इशारों में कहाँ दिलों की बातें बाताई जाती अब बीत चुके हैं बरसों यादें धुंधली और तारीखों का होश नहीं बहुत किस्से जो अधूरे रह गए उनका भी कोई अफ़सोस नहीं बस एक ग़म नहीं जाता काश तुम्हें रोकती और सब कुछ कह पाती तो ना सुलगती उम्र भर ना अपने अरमानों को तड़पाती तकिये के नीचे दबा के रखे है तुम्हारे ख़याल एक तस्वीर, बेपनाह इश्क और बहुत सारे साल Listen to the rendition of this #poem - here

Bridge, Trees and A Hug So Tight

Some wait for the spring, Others walk barefoot on a hot summer day. Unwary of the season, I sit under the same tree, Since you went far far away. The bridge is covered with snow now, Like memories, tears too have iced up. Heart is numb with endless pain, Merely longing for your gentle touch. Wish the twilight moon takes my message, Wherever you might be. Someone who loves you so dearly, Is sitting under the same tree. Come, sweep me off my feet, Pour passionate kisses till I say so. I wear your favorite dress on most days, The one with pink flowers and hint of indigo. 127 days so far, I count, Morning, noon and night. Since you wrapped your arms around me, Bidding goodbye with a hug so tight. *Image Source -

A Real Hero

Tej Bahadur Verma is no great man. His achievements are humble, just like him. But, he is a #GreatDad. He has done much more than a girl could ever expect from her father in India. His teachings are simple - inculcating morals and imbibing strong family values in his children. As a father, he has invested both his time and money wisely. Time - to bring joy in their lives and to create memories. And, money - to educate them. What’s great about it, you ask? Don’t fathers do all this for their children? Plus, it’s their duty.   Right! What if I say ...he is a daily laborer who earns less than 200 Rupees a day and has a family of six to feed. And he sold his land, the only financial security he ever had , to fund one of his daughters’ tuition fees. His 15 year old daughter Sushma Verma wanted to pursue Masters in Microbiology. In 2013, to give shape to his daughter’s dream, he sold off his ancestral land. How often we see a father supporting his daughter like this in India? And

I am a Girl And...

There are always two options - either give up or give in our 100%. The decision is often based on our willpower. Nothing is easy but when we march forward to break the norms of society, it’s like facing a storm head-on. We are told to leave it OR bear the consequences. We all get a little scared.  I know, I was scared when I decided to commute by Haryana Roadways as I didn’t get a seat in the hostel. I was told either stay in Chandigarh OR forget about your dream college. I was told to make a compromise but I was not ready for it. I am happy, I did what I felt was right. It may seem a small decision but it has made me what I am today - Strong, Independent and Confident. This is my journey from OR to AND. Many incidents on this journey strengthened me and reaffirmed many of the things I believed in. There were a few times when I felt miserable because of the choices I made. One summer afternoon I was the only girl in a long queue at Panchkula Bus Stand. I was there