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At the feet of God

To, The Angry Self... Beyond words, Beyond existence, Beyond what we all claim, we know. Lies a modest place, A place where we must go. Labyrinth of sorrows, A plethora of doubt ceases to exist. And a new hope sprouts. Without even asking, We untangle our whereabouts. Serenity, love, answers flow, Foundation of fear erodes. We meet our true self, At the feet of God.

शुभ दीपावली

बैठक   में   ठहाके   और   गलियों   में   पटाके , लक्ष्मी   गणेश   पूजन   और   सोने   चाँदी   की   पादुकाएं ! ये   दिन   आपके   जीवन   में   झिलमिल   तारों   की   बरसात   लाये , आप   सबको   दीपावली   की   बहुत   बहुत   शुभकामनाएं !!

A Retrospection

I paid the price and many others with me, Washed beaches, flooded houses, broken trees. When both the mother and child weep, I ask myself... Is it the wrath of Mother Nature or fruits of our deeds? *As most of you know that my town was hit by Super Storm Sandy, I apologize for not replying to your comments and reading your blogs.