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To You, With Love...

The day, I trusted my life with you,  The day, I said, I do. My heart shed a happy tear, And I shunned all my fears. Brick by brick, smile by smile, This voyage took us many miles. You always reckon what's inside, Even when I try to hide. Sinking together in these mellow ties,  Let's promise each other. As good a father you will be,  You'll help me being a good mother. You are my pillar of strength,  The roots of my family tree. Together we'll paint a picture,  Picture perfect it will be. Finding you seems like a fortune, This world is now so new. We all have our own angels, And I have found my angel in you. *This is a work of fiction. **Image Source - Here

Get, Set, Shop!

My mouth waters whenever I read the word 'Sale' in newspapers. Over the years I have developed a kind of friendship with the Sale Season . It is the Spring of my life and when there is no sale, it sounds more like an Autumn . During those autumn days, when how to lift my spirits sounds more like a Paheli , online shopping becomes my guiding light. In true Bollywood ishtyle, it spreads the bandwidth and hum into my ears - Main Hoon Na … And as a Bollywood addict I fall for the fantasy. How could you possibly escape the deals on those sites? Those deals which give Ranbir Kapoor a run for his performance in Rocket Singh and undoubtedly emerge 'Salesman of the Year.' I can't stop clapping on their deals and buying what they offer… My latest indulgence, most memorable too, which actually left a Diwali (Diwala) impact on my husband's wallet is a tiny book, Macbook so to say. People give fancy words to almost everything these days, you see. A blogger who recent

Of Religion, Humanity and Love...

Of late, I find no solace in the name of Allah, God or Christ. Witnessing the shredding rituals of sorrow, history of a thousand years lay naked. The colors of celebrations spattered in crimson, as if, were never sacred. When a bomb goes off, I ransack the tidbits,  spring clean my mind; unfolding the corners, for solace I wish to find. But, all I hear... a war panning out in distance, war for money, war for oil,  or is it a War for Pride? In the name of Allah, God or Christ,  We all stand divide. Now I shed the cloak of religion,  in it, I wish to soak no more. But dear humanity, remind yourself, of unpalatable truths; with time, you harvested as you sow. You authored chapter after chapter- Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and no one was spared; all died, rich, poor and innocent. Learn from history; Let love be the guiding light, Bring the silver lining of happiness to cherish forever and ever. Let your religion be less of

Unfolding the night...

Hooting, whistling, screaming, falling like a pack of cards within, That's how my body feels when we are skin to skin. Turn off the lights, let the music sink in, Drive me crazy and let the night begin. Image Source - Here

हम जीते है...

ले के दर्द सीने में जीते है , तेरे गम में नहीं तेरी याद में हम पीते है ! अब नये दोस्त बना लिए   मैंने , तेरे हर ज़ख्म छुपा लिए मैंने , वो जो छलके तो ही हम जीते है ,  तेरे गम में नहीं तेरी याद में हम पीते है ! रात  भर   याद आती ही   रही , बस एक बात सताती ही रही , तू क्या जाने क्या क्या दर्द हमपे बीते है , तेरे गम में नहीं तेरी याद में हम पीते है ! इस इश्क में एक बात तो  हुई , ज़िन्दगी से मेरी मुलाक़ात तो  हुई , क्योंकि होकर मशहूर ही दीवाने जीते है , तेरे गम में नहीं तेरी याद में हम पीते है ! ले   के   दर्द   सीने   में   जीते   है , तेरे   गम   में   नहीं   तेरी   याद   में   हम   पीते   है !