हम जीते है...

ले के दर्द सीने में जीते है,
तेरे गम में नहीं तेरी याद में हम पीते है!
अब नये दोस्त बना लिए मैंने,
तेरे हर ज़ख्म छुपा लिए मैंने,
वो जो छलके तो ही हम जीते है
तेरे गम में नहीं तेरी याद में हम पीते है!
रात भर याद आती ही रही,
बस एक बात सताती ही रही,
तू क्या जाने क्या क्या दर्द हमपे बीते है,
तेरे गम में नहीं तेरी याद में हम पीते है!
इस इश्क में एक बात तो हुई,
ज़िन्दगी से मेरी मुलाक़ात तो हुई,
क्योंकि होकर मशहूर ही दीवाने जीते है,
तेरे गम में नहीं तेरी याद में हम पीते है!
ले के दर्द सीने में जीते है,
तेरे गम में नहीं तेरी याद में हम पीते है!


  1. पीने वालों को ,पीने का बहाना चाहिए :-)

    jokes apart saru jee...
    really nice and tender thoughts...


  2. इस इश्क में एक बात तो हुई,
    ज़िन्दगी से मेरी मुलाक़ात तो हुई,
    bahut sundar ...
    shubhkamnayen Saru ji .

  3. wawawa :)
    Yeh badiya hey ...!

  4. After a long time, Kuch Accha Padne Ko Mila....
    Lines are awesome....

  5. waah saru very beautifully written .............:)_
    tere gan me nahi teri yaad me pite hai behatarin khubsurat najm .......badhai love this post ......:))

  6. क्योंकि होकर मशहूर ही दीवाने जीते है,
    beautiful lines :)
    rhyming was a bit too much though

  7. गहरे उतरती, शब्दों में गुँथी पीड़ा..

  8. अलग-अलग पथ बतलाते सब पर मैं यह बतलाता हूँ -
    'राह पकड़ तू एक चला चल, पा जाएगा मधुशाला।

    सुन्दर भावनाओं की अभी व्यक्ति,बच्चनजी की मधुशाला की याद आ गयी!!

  9. Ahh the moving over phase.
    Taking the positivie from falling in love. Finding solace in just remembering you.
    Atleast I know understand the meaning of life.
    Taking the postivie from falling in love.

    Lovely Saru, there is pain, but no regret, no remorse, no hard feeling, just memories, and pain.

  10. I am a bit weird and I believe why give someone the satisfaction that we miss them, or want them .. We shud do something else and BE SO HAPPY that they regret what they have done and know all that they are going to miss..

    Ghalib has said ..
    kissi ko de ke dil koi
    Nawa sanj-e-Fughaan kyun ho
    na ho jab dil hi seene main
    to fir munh mein zubaan kyon ho


  11. fantastic creation... very nice indeed...

  12. Fascinating piece, Saru. Your hindi verses are equally good.Kudos girl...

  13. मोहब्बत, दर्द और ये नगमा... :)

  14. Bahut khub, bahut khub :)

    On a lighter note: I guess Kingfisher guys will try to pick up this poem as part of their new tagline, so pls copyright it :)

  15. wah wah wah wah!....
    mashallah kya kahen kitna khoob aap likhte hai! ;)

  16. beautiful again..

    tere nashe ko thoda kum karne ke liye kabhi kabhi pee lete hain,,
    tujhe bhulane ke liye nahi tere sangh muskurane ke liye hum pee-lete hain :)

  17. Beautiful Saru :) The meaning conveyed with the repetition of the line "तेरे गम में नहीं तेरी याद में हम पीते है !" is too good.. :)

    Someone is Special

  18. सीने में दर्द भी है,याद भी है
    पर गम नही.

    ये क्या मांजरा है सरू जी.

  19. this sounds lile a gazhal!... You are rediscovering your talent ;-).

    A Grain of Sand

  20. ur last name is so singular perhaps that's the reason :) don worry it happens. All in all a good stuff i read. keep it up.

  21. Saru,
    You reminded me of our engineering days. :)

    Nicely written.

  22. nice one for lovers and lovers who also drink :)

  23. तेरे गम में नहीं तेरी याद में हम पीते है....
    so true...:))

  24. Wah wah..! Here is one from me,

    peene walon ko kya pata, jeena kise kahte hai
    Jhoomti unki duniya hai, Mohabbat ke baghair bhi :)

  25. kya baat - mam this was awesome, feel of a ghazal came beautifully out of it ,loved it ,तेरे गम में नहीं तेरी याद में हम पीते है !is the line i loved the most ......indeed it was a beautiful read :) :)

  26. ..an inadvertent typo has given it a new meaning:
    'रात बार याद आती ही रही' you had perhaps written 'रात भर याद आती ही रही..'
    but a 'BAR' is so much in place here:):)ha ha:)
    On a serious note it's an amazing ghazal Saru! I loved it for more reasons than one!!

  27. drinking is bed for health the person who donot care emotion of other why we remember that person and taking alcohal just forget him/her as a cruel dream and live the life happily but i like this poem very much because ur narating skill is super

  28. Lovely feelings-straight from the heart.I esp loved this lineतू क्या जाने क्या क्या दर्द हमपे बीते है,
    Very true no one else can understand what anybody goes through.

  29. Sounds like some songs from 1980s

  30. I enjoyed this poem thoroughly...I can relate to this poem.
    Keep writing and keep rocking!

  31. वाह.... बेहद खूबसूरत गज़ल....

  32. beautifully written, Saru! :)

    Btw, donno if you remember, but we exchanged a few comments on each others blogs way back in Sep / Oct last year I think!!! I've moved to a new blog since then and hence the new account :) You can check out my updates on my page here :)

  33. I really liked the template on your blog. It is very neat and looks beautiful. Keep up the good work.

  34. Hard to differentiate if one is drinking in pain or memory of the lost love...beautifully penned!

  35. Simply awesome...I would add

    Tere Gam me nahin teri yaad mein pite hain ...
    Kabakhat teri yaad jaati hi nahin, isiliyye aajkal maikhane mein hi jite hain ...

  36. I like the way u stress ki tere gam me nahin teri yaad mein peete hai. Often we know we are better of without the person. we dont regret not having, but we still cant help but miss the one. Nice

  37. Hi Saru!
    teri yaad mein hum pite hain! Remarkably done! :)

  38. beautifully penned ... i think this is the first time I am reading your hindi poem . superb !

  39. Been a while since I came to you blog... lol hindi again ;)

  40. It's wonderful to read all your comments. Thanks for reading...:)

  41. a simple concept pretty positively put ahead.. :)

  42. Thoughts literally speaking its action through words.Awesome post indeed.

  43. true picture of life
    hi saru
    u registered with indiblogger meet in newyork
    how u do this pl help me how it is possible

  44. Hey Saru !!
    How have you been ?
    Wonderful post indeed.
    I love hindi poems and you add that tinge of magic in it to make it more beautiful.
    Love it.
    Take care !!

  45. इस इश्क में एक बात तो हुई,

    ज़िन्दगी से मेरी मुलाक़ात तो हुई....

    True... Love teaches to live... Beautiful thoughts.

  46. Saru ek peene waala hi aisi poem likh sakta hai .. aapne kaise likhi ... :-)

    beautiful .. isi poem ki yaad mein ek drink i'll have this friday .. gam nahi yaad mein peeyunga :-)

  47. Wah Wah!"तेरे गम में नहीं तेरी याद में हम पीते है !"- Best lines :)

  48. दर्द को भी दर्द होगा जब
    दिल ये मेरा बेअसर होगा
    छलकेंगे जाम रात भर
    जब-जब इस दिल पर तेरी यादों का असर होगा.....!!
    nice creation!


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