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The day I drowned in my own tears

Very young, I braced my faith. Plucking thorns out if it, Eluding track of dates. Gradually hope faded, Happiness became a forlorn song. I hummed lyrics with a smile, But I couldn't make it last for long. I knew, my soul was scarred, It kept on tearing, It kept nagging with pain. Even pleaded me, To stop hurting it again and again. When we both couldn't sync, I came one-to-one with my biggest fear. The day I lost everything, The day I drowned in my own tears.

Good Ol' Days

Shhhhh… Monica rested her finger on her lips and widened her eyes, gesturing me to keep mum.  Right! I fumed. I knew the unwritten rules of prank. No noise and pose dumb when someone catches you. And then we both tip-toed in the cycle stand of our school, holding a pencil compass . Well, we were good girls who blamed our small city for lack of fun and did our best to make our lives spicy-naughty-fun. Much like the soul-sisters, we kept our bond unshakeable with 20 Rupees Archies Friendship Band . And swore by it, muttering with closed eyes - Till thread do us apart… The band surely wore away with time but it knotted many incredible memories of days lived together. Some silly pranks, some practical jokes and some tearful days. Just for you all, a peep into the most rocking time of my teenage. Spice Girls - Take 2 With due respect to the rocking band, we thought we were no less. Singing their chart busters in our voice, we spent many evenings in our rooms. Inspired

And they let the tear fall...

Fatigued with joy,  Amidst balloons and cries, He lulled me into sleep. Holding his first born, They saw my father weep. Fallen leaves of the autumn, Rattle with him in his grief. Heartbroken, crushed, They witness his sorrows, They comfort him as my lover weep. Better adieu and a better time, His joy was sublime, Still he felt a pain very deep. Giving away his daughter, Many saw my father weep. Let it fall, let emotions breathe. Oh yes, it's true! Men Do Weep.

Quote Unquote ~ 19/365

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One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi...Go!

When something will move you Very rarely it will Striking a chord within you Fire it'll instill Just get up, act and don't be slow One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi...Go! World can be a better place Just a push from your side Your single act of bravery You swimming against tides Shed the inhibitions and outgrow One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi...Go! Why regret later? 1000 things for yourself, 1 for free Rise above ordinary Spread gamut of positive energy Superman, Superwoman; be an actual Hero One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi...Go! Often we collect twigs and grass Polish your deeds, separating golden from brass