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My Life Is A Hollywood Movie And I Fucking Love It

If you told me at 22, I would be single and happy, I'd have shunned the thought right away. Happiness was always dependent on external factors - money, fame or lover. It was never something that stemmed from within. Betrayal, failure and being penniless has taught me -- of all the things in the world -- happiness is something that comes from within. It comes from who you are as a person. You have to be calm, confident and secure with who you are, what you have and most importantly, with what you can't have. I'm single, starting a career from the very bottom and discovering myself. The journey is not a fairy tale. It is a fucking Hollywood movie that gets nominated for an Oscar. It may not win one. But who the fuck cares! On weekends, after taking a long luxurious bath, I light bergamot candles and keep freshly-cut flowers on the desk where I slog 45 hours a week, my bedroom doesn't reek of loneliness, it looks sexy as fuck. I watch a travel video of Matera and dream of

Rewind - October 2021

Here we are in November. This year was tough. Tougher than freaking 2020. And I survived it. This is what I wrote in October.  Date Published 10/03/2021 उसे दारू की कड़वाहट भी शहद लगती है जिसने ज़हर सा इश्क़ पीया हो 10/07/2021 तुम वापिस लौट के मत आना  इतनी ख़ुशी मुझसे बर्दाश्त नहीं होगी 10/14/2021 जो तुम बहाओ दो आँसू और ना लगे उसे समंदर ऐसे आशिक को तो क़सम से डूब मरना चाहिए 10/17/2021 पैसा, रिश्ते, शौहरत तक तो ठीक था पर तूने जो मासूमियत छीन ली  ऐ ज़िन्दगी अच्छा नहीं किया 10/21/2021 किसी और के साथ फोटो डाल के तुम्हें जलाना हाय ये सारी इश्क़ की आफ़तें