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Drenched in countless emotions,  This notorious heart pays no heed. He works out like always,  And, I count his sweat beads. Hand sculpted Greek God, Arrests my vivacious soul. Swelled out words on his arm, Take my senses on an alluring stroll. I live on my addiction, Stealing moments for my hungry eyes. Romancing in my mind, Love watching him when he exercise. Steaming up in my body, Images intensifying this mad race. Unaware of my mystical passion,  He is tying his shoe lace... Image source -  

Mumbai is Saying...

We pronounce life more loudly,   With every wound they inflict. No matter how hard they try to break us, The spirit of 'Mumbai' will always exist. ~~~~~ " In the memory of all those who are showering strength from heavens above." "A tribute on the third anniversary of 26/11."

Love Compartment

Two casual friends at a train station, Bidding goodbye to their kids working far away. Girl's father was worried about her, So he asked the boy to accompany her all the way. Boy hated it as he felt bounded, He had to be agile. He could have slept or smoked, Now his journey was to protect a fragile. Girl didn't like it either, She could have managed on her own. Boy was unnecessary trouble, Her wish of quite a journey was gone. Both were thinking it's for once, They had to bear this pain. But every trip for next three years, They met again and again. It became a vacation ritual, Which neither of them liked. Falling like pieces of a puzzle, Life was then a confusing ride. They don't know when 'love' happened, Can't even recall going down the memory lane. Not in a coffee shop, not in a park, They met on a train. * Based on a true story. Thanks to Rekha Gangadharan for sharing her parents' story with us. Appeal for Irfan

पहली मुलाकात

दो   लफ्ज़ो   में   आज,  मेरी   उनसे   बात   हुई , प्यार   से   पहली   आज,   मेरी   मुलाक़ात   हुई ! छलक   उठे   खाव्हिशो   के   पह्माने , लगी   मेरी   आहे   भी   शर्माने , जैसे   शादी   से   पहले,   बिधाई   की    रात   हुई , प्यार   से   पहली   आज,   मेरी   मुलाक़ात   हुई ! तस्वुर   में   मेरा   उसका   आशिया   था , हर   मौसम   का   रंग   वहां   नया   था , उसकी   धड़कने   जैसे,   मेरी   धडकनों   के   साथ   हुई , प्यार   से   पहली   आज,   मेरी   मुलाक़ात   हुई ! पीना   उस   रात   को   आहिस्ता   आहिस्ता ,  छूना   मेरी   सांसे   भी   आहिस्ता   आहिस्ता , लगे   जैसे   प्यार   के   मौसम   में ,  प्यार   की   बरसात   हुई , आज   मेरी   उनसे   पहली   मुलाक़ात   हुई ! *This poem was featured on ( One of the Leading Radio Stations for Bollywood and Hindi Songs in US )   on 27 th   June, 2012.

Curly Affair

Beauties around her, Despise themselves sitting aside. Playing with her curls, She shows it with pride. Last winter these curls enticed me, Long tresses adding volumes of passion. Scenting fresh every day, Here's her secret of being in fashion. Lot of labor she puts, To nourish her hair. Old age tricks of henna and oiling, On a busy day few steps of Dove hair care. She flaunts it, she smiles, Praising eyes make her feel beautiful. Rummy with the aura of her hair, Even the bouncing of it is musical. Be it in bun, in a braid, Or decorating a red rose in mystical waves of black. She loves her hair, Falling for it, I'm loving her back!