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Tantalizing Hug

I'm a prisoner of my own longings, he is unconcerned, He compliments 'her' beauty; inside, I'm burnt. When ashes of envy run deep in my blood, He whispers usual melodies with a tantalizing hug.

My Interview on

Recently, I completed three months in blogosphere. I want to thank all the readers. It has been a fascinating journey so far.  Please read my interview here . Thanks Anne for making it possible. Follow Anne  here .

Barren Life

I could be wrong, As I’ve always been. Treading the less traveled path, I've some unanswered questions within. Some black and white memories Some wounded old dreams. Feels like, Dragging this body for centuries. Tired of getting up after every crumple, I laugh with my eyes bleeding, Can I get some rest, some rest on your shoulder? I could be alone, As I’ve always been.

13, Cambridge Street

She walks on the lyrics, He can make even Saturn laugh, Teaming up in August this year, Life gifts 'friendship' as a souvenir. Digging deep as they interacted, Beautiful shock they extracted. Both lived on Cambridge Street, Separated by few blocks of concrete. Three summers later destiny smiles, Now, separated by oceans and million miles. Stumbled upon on cyberspace, Nurturing their talents at a steady pace. Though they dined, shopped, walked in the same air, Maybe, sipped coffee sitting in the next chair. Never saw each other all that while, Brushing those moments both smile. It's gratifying, jubilant and heartwarming, The little pavements of friendship they're forming. Humor, wit, rhyme, and verse, Have a lifelong celebration to attend. Floating with the clouds of creativity, They have the company of a great friend. *Based on a true story of two bloggers.

Play The Seven Link Challenge

A fellow blogger, Neha, tagged me to this challenge. Here goes the seven links. 1.    The most beautiful post:  To Kalon The idea for this poem came when I saw a boy looking very passionately at his girl friend in subway. She was extremely beautiful and spoke like an angel. 2.    The most popular post:  I Am Not Alone I wrote this poem in 2008. The idea was to write from the perspective of a person who is leaving this world. Not only for us, parting is difficult for those who go away. 3.    The most controversial post:  Ode To A Date It’s not controversial per se but many don’t agree that 9/11 is the biggest tragedy to mankind. Personally, I am against violence and I believe loss of life should not be treated with respect to nationalities. 4.    The most helpful post:  Strolling towards a Better Life It was an article I wrote when I started blogging. Only this qualifies to be in this category. 5.    A post that was surprisingly successful:  Musings I I wrote this poem at Cafe Cof

Less Words

Breathing your love, I want to master the art. With less words, How to occupy your heart? I thought for many nights, Under cloudless sky conniving with the stars. Intoxicated with your love, Even the striking clock sounds like the guitar. Neither, I can play with words, Nor, I can weave a fable. I get goosebumps on my body, When we sit across the table. You're a man of few words, But, I'm little loquacious. Fearing my utterance of useless words, Project me as flirtatious. So, the less words I want, Can you help me, please? Or else I'll say love you, Every time I breathe.

Ode To A Date

It was an ordinary day, smiling with potential, Life was brimming and the date was simple, not differential. Ashes rose, humanity changed, cries could be heard from heaven; World changed since and now that simple date is '9/11'

To Kalon

I rarely notice her beauty, That's one aspect of her I never fantasize. She speaks like a gentle breeze, And when she does; My heart and soul synchronize. I dived into her eyes once, That day her fingers touched my skin. Hypnotized by the mystical chords, Seemed as if; On my skin, her fingers played the violin. I don't crave for the contours of her body, Though, it's like molten silver in an hourglass. Pouring the liquid of adulation,                                       If I'll do; My golden love will look brass. There are a thousand things about her, But I don't want to be lost in the noise. Swaying in the ocean of her words, I'm in love with her musical voice. *To Kalon means 'the beautiful' in Greek.