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Himalayan Village Inside Four Walls - #CleanAirBeautifulHomes

Born in the lap of nature, I call Himachal home. The fresh air is in bounty there, From dusk to dawn. No matter where I live, I crave 3 things - Clean air, fresh water, greenery, With the backdrop of hills. When life took me to an urban jungle, Oh, I did sigh! I made a cozy nest for my family in the city, Bid nature a sad goodbye. I kept it tidy, Did all I could to make it pollution-free. Maintained a cleaning ritual, Kept plants in the living rooms, in yard - planted trees. Little did I know, Inside four walls there is more pollution than outside. Some germs in the obvious places, And some pollutants hiding in plain sight. As a homemaker, I gathered my good senses to fight it out. Women can't just sit and wonder, Listlessly on the couch. I know smoke is a big culprit, It starts from the kitchen. Causes difficulty in breathing, And some cases irritated vision. For fireplace, stove, cooking fire, Some rul


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For more hashtag stories, stalk me on  - Facebook , Twitter and Instagram

10 Expensive Money Mistakes We Should Totally Avoid

I come from a middle-class family. I bought my first branded product when I was in high school. It was a pair of Levi’s jeans. And it was only a few years back that I could afford to buy a luxury item. I understand the need to own fancy products to get that high. But sometimes it’s not worth it. After making a few mistakes, I realized there are some things we should totally avoid. And here are 10 such: Buying expensive electronics on the launch date There is definitely a thrill in buying new technology. For some of us, this experience is so overwhelming that we pre-order. But no matter how strong a brand is, wait at least a month. Check online reviews and tech-reports. Chances are the new product may not have enough features to justify the price tag. Paying a premium just to get hands on new product is not a shrewd choice. Postpone the purchase till there are enough reviews to guarantee that you’re spending money on a good product, not a mere upgrade. Please clic