Himalayan Village Inside Four Walls - #CleanAirBeautifulHomes

Born in the lap of nature,
I call Himachal home.
The fresh air is in bounty there,
From dusk to dawn.

No matter where I live,
I crave 3 things -
Clean air, fresh water, greenery,
With the backdrop of hills.

When life took me to an urban jungle,
Oh, I did sigh!
I made a cozy nest for my family in the city,
Bid nature a sad goodbye.

I kept it tidy,
Did all I could to make it pollution-free.
Maintained a cleaning ritual,
Kept plants in the living rooms, in yard - planted trees.

Little did I know,
Inside four walls there is more pollution than outside.
Some germs in the obvious places,
And some pollutants hiding in plain sight.

As a homemaker,
I gathered my good senses to fight it out.
Women can't just sit and wonder,
Listlessly on the couch.

I know smoke is a big culprit,
It starts from the kitchen.
Causes difficulty in breathing,
And some cases irritated vision.
For fireplace, stove, cooking fire,
Some rules need to be set.
Keep the house well ventilated while cooking,
And chimney and exhaust fan well-kept.
Stove - major source of smoke in the house

Though I dust and vacuum regularly,
To keep allergens and pollutants at bay.
My schedule doesn't give time to check every nook and corner,
And in some places mold and mildew builds up and stays.
Bathroom, damp closet corners, dark storage space,
Reeks of soggy mess.
It contains toxic material,
Causing asthma, allergy and breathing stress.
These places should be dry,
Pay heed to humidity control and water leaks.
Use exhaust fan even in the bathroom,
Check storage spaces after a gap of few weeks.

Keep the bathroom dry and clean to keep mold in check

I stumbled upon a dangerous compound,
I had no clue it's omnipresent.
VOC is a deadly thing inside our homes,
Is a strong chemical and smells unpleasant.
Found in paint, varnishes, cleaning products, glues,
It causes headache, nausea and dizziness.
Repeated and prolonged exposure to it,
Turns respiratory system into a mess.
Use water-based glues,
Switch to organic cleaning supplies.
Open the windows,
When such fumes are on the rise.
Air the new carpet, air-dry the new paint,
To go natural is the key.
The best alternative is,
Limit exposure to VOC.
Dump these VOC laden products, 
go organic

Carbon monoxide inside our home
Who would have thought that?
Emitted from defective furnaces, heating devices, gas stoves,
Day-to-day appliances in my flat.
Its build-up can be fatal,
This gas kills lungs.
Install carbon monoxide alarms in homes,
Check appliances every month.
Oven and heaters produce carbon monoxide,
maintain these appliances

Dust is still the most annoying pollutant,
We sneeze, cough, sometimes throat feels itchy.
We fight it 24x7,
One of the side effects of living in the city.
In addition to dusting the obvious places,
Spend time to clean the far-away corners.
Start systematically,
Working always from the top.
Change AC filters, wash upholstery and mesh windows,
Clean chimneys, exhausts, and fans.
Dust diligently,
Have weekly, monthly, and quarterly plans.
Dust mites live in carpets and corners, 
take care of every nook and corner

The perfect homemaker inside me,
Googled plants that keep air inside the home clean.
Best are Peace Lily, Spider Plant, English Ivy,
Variegated Snake Plant, Areca Palm, and Chinese Evergreen.
Reduce the use of chemicals is another way,
Or use better things.
Like Royale Atmos paint that reduces harmful air pollutants,
And absorbs foul and toxin stinks.
Purify air inside the home using Royale Atmos,
And no longer lead a #MaskedLife.
Get a perfect health rating for your home,
A perfect 5 out of 5.

I'm trying to create
Himalayan village inside four walls.
A clean-beautiful home,
Pollution-free kitchen, bedrooms, and hall.
The Royale-Green way.
Where health prospers,
And happiness stays.

Like Deepika Padukone, try Asian Paints Royale Atmos and say no to #MaskedLife.

Plant pictures for collage - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


  1. Interesting n Informative...your poem speaks volumes :)

  2. Lovely poetry yet again! Best of luck, Saru!

  3. Lovely poem...as always!

  4. Saru Ji, It is not just a beautiful poem.Penned so meaningfully and provides practical guidelines. This can be used as a cleaning and pollution prevention manual for all home makers & home managers.You should publish a small booklet and circulate to all homes.

    1. That's very generous of you, sir. Honored. Thank you so much for reading.

  5. A beautiful and poetic way of making us aware of indoor pollution and remedies for it.

  6. Saru, the illustration, heart touching poetry expression on being a nature girl and the brand combined makes it a unique feature. A for Amazing :) You go girl!

  7. Bahut hi khubsurat post hai, interesting, informative n inspirational too 👍👍 hats off


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