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Prayers Too Many...

ॐ   भूर्भुवः॒   स्वः   । तत्स॑वितुर्वरे॑ण्यं   । भ॒र्गो॑   दे॒वस्य॑   धीमहि।   धियो॒   यो   नः॑   प्रचो॒दया॑त्॥   । Gayatri Mantra was my first lesson in hymns. I recited it with closed eyes and folded hands every time my mother asked me to. At 4, all I knew was if you recite it with devotion, closed eyes and folded hands, all your prayers would be answered. Well, I kind of still believe in it.  A pure heart and an honest prayer never go wrong. My reasons for prayer are too many. From a tiny glitch I'm unable to solve   to the happiness of my loved ones, I pray to Almighty for various reasons.  Praying is my way of connecting with God . I feel even if my prayers won’t be answered, I will find peace of mind and positive energy to face all the difficulties. When I pray, I ask for God’s wishes so that I can complete my task. Sometimes, I bribe him with ladoos and sleep with faith that He will swing his magic wand and my wish will be fulfilled. God may be late in

SOS - Calling your own Krishnas for Help

*This post won runner-up prize in Smart Suraksha Contest on BlogAdda. When panic strikes, we desperately look for help. How we wish we could have updated our phonebook with numbers of distant relatives in new city or could have charged the cell before leaving home. During those tough moments we want some magic to happen, someone to come to our rescue and I can say that from experience. In 2007 when I started my CS practice, I travelled a lot to Delhi from Ambala. It was usually a day trip. I used to board bus from Ambala Cantt station and park my Activa in the parking lot nearby. In early December that year, I thought of coming back on a train from Delhi and missed the train I was targeting. I always boarded trains from Azadpur Station to avoid the rush of New Delhi Railway Station. Since I was in no mood to go back to Delhi Bus Station, I boarded the next passenger train. Not so aware that such trains are slow and stop at every station, the journey which normally takes 3 hour

Chasing Dreams...

Dreams are like butterflies, You've to chase them with passion. Neither too hard, nor leaving it to chance, With right mix of planning and enthusiasm . *Image Source - Google

Come, this November...

You lit that fire Inside me, of course I burn myself in it  Twice a day, if not more I comb my hair, I dress my eyes And press my toes on bare floor Impure desires spark Passion in my body Wrapping my arms around I sway away I miss you, I love you I need you, just like yesterday To fast-forward time I hum an old melody Sprinkling some hope On my weary heart I shuffle the memories Sequencing it to the very start  Been awfully long Since we shared a cup of tea Been long enough For me to remember Come, My Love Come, this November... *Image Source - Google