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Rewind - April 2021

 It has been a hell of a month! There were a lot of personal milestones but as far as writing is concerned I wrote the following: Date Published 04/01/2021 तेरे ख़ास होने का एहसास कुछ यूँ हुआ जिस दिन से तुने हाल नहीं पूछा  मैं बेहाल सी बैठी हूँ 04/03/2021 मुझे आज भी याद है तेरा हलके से मुस्कुराना और सुस्त दोपहर में मेरे काँधे पे गिर जाना 04/07/2011 मशहूर फ़िल्मी गाने जैसा इश्क़ अपना शहर में हर किसी की ज़ुबान पे है 04/08/2021 कमबख़्त कैसा अँधा प्यार है जिसने दिल तोड़ा दिल उसी के गले लग के रोने को बेकरार है

Celebrating 10 Years in North America

Exactly 10 years ago I came to North America. It has been a roller coaster ride. I have seen more downs than ups. But those experiences have made me the calmer, happier and wise woman I am today. None of it has been easy. Those who know my story would say Alok committing suicide and me being stuck in a mental ward was the lowest point of my life. It was not. The lowest point came last year in 2020. After his death, I came back to Canada and had major surgery in 2019. To my shock, in less than a year fibroid resurfaced causing extreme discomfort. In September I was prescribed hormones to control my medical problem and as a preventive measure for cancer. That destroyed me completely. I experienced the same sadness I felt when I rode with Alok's coffin from Delhi to Ambala. As if it was not difficult, pandemic, joblessness and losing all streams of the revenue made it impossible for me to survive even a single day. Because I have seen the ugliest side of mental health, I knew I needed

Money Lessons I Wish I Knew at 17

  I have wanted to write this for a long time. Today, I finally have the courage and hopefully articulation to say it in the most meaningful manner. I started working at 17. I have made successful investment decisions, both in the property and share market, in my early 20s. I started my business and practice in the mid-20s and was successful at it, too. Then after my marriage circumstances changed. I had to leave my practice and business behind when I moved to the US. I was on a dependent visa and was not allowed to work there. It was then I started blogging. For those who have seen my blogging journey, I was fairly successful there too. The only mistake I did post marriage was to give control of my finances to my partner. I made money and he took care of it. Please note, I am not blaming him. I somehow lost confidence that I could do it. It came from living in isolation, working from home and losing touch with the real world. In the 1990s, I saw #Longines advertisement in a magazine.