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The Truth Is Brave People Are Often Broken

When I say life is beautiful - I don't say as some philosophical statement. Currently, I have all the conceivable problems one can think of - I have court cases, I have a medical condition for which I need major surgery and I've been delaying it for 8 years now, I have no job, no roof which I can call my own, I have standing expenses of $500 which are totally unproductive but I have to do it, and the worst, I have so many unresolved issues in my head. But still, life is beautiful. When I say you're responsible for your life - I don't say it to give some random motivational speech. I mean it. Take it from a woman who after a phone call from her in-laws has gone to the market alone to buy shroud to wrap her husband's body - the kind of strength and peace of mind you get after fulfilling your duties empowers you from within. If you can do things for others, imagine the joy of doing things for yourself. Before someone asks where are my family and friends? It