The Truth Is Brave People Are Often Broken

When I say life is beautiful - I don't say as some philosophical statement. Currently, I have all the conceivable problems one can think of - I have court cases, I have a medical condition for which I need major surgery and I've been delaying it for 8 years now, I have no job, no roof which I can call my own, I have standing expenses of $500 which are totally unproductive but I have to do it, and the worst, I have so many unresolved issues in my head. But still, life is beautiful.

When I say you're responsible for your life - I don't say it to give some random motivational speech. I mean it. Take it from a woman who after a phone call from her in-laws has gone to the market alone to buy shroud to wrap her husband's body - the kind of strength and peace of mind you get after fulfilling your duties empowers you from within. If you can do things for others, imagine the joy of doing things for yourself. Before someone asks where are my family and friends? It's not that my family and friends are not there for me. My situation is so unique that I have to do everything alone. And I do it. I fumble, I weep, I'm a mess but I do it anyway. Actually, no. I wing it!

One thing more - it's not just women that face these problems. I've met 2 men who are as broken as I'm. I think about them. Sometimes, I read their texts where they are emotional and pouring their hearts out, I understand misery is not gender-specific.

To all the strong human beings out there - we need you. Stay strong and empower the world by setting an example.

To all the wonderful people who've helped me selflessly, words can't express my gratitude.

But yes, one thing I've understood in the last 7 months of my life - all the brave people I've met were broken at one point in their lives. And that makes them very beautiful.


P. S. Life is super hectic. Writing this quick note as I want to continue blogging until I possibly can.


  1. IN short written many things
    Problems always came to those who are brave. Hope all is well soon

  2. Not broken we named it for a small issue also broken.

  3. It's really unbelievable for me that people like you too have problems I mean you have 13k followers on Facebook and a good following in blog but still have to face problems this teach me problem never ends but we have to stand bravely . Don't know how but it touches my heart . It gives me a way that how can I deal with the problems which are coming towards me with in 6 days but I know if I am brave I can defeat this problems and I can be a inspiration for someone who too have problems like me . But if you thought your story ends here then that is wrong because life is just like a mysterious story book which have lot of surprises and atlast
    a smile on face after solving that in that why their is may be a good or bad surprise is waiting for but I am damn sure that after getting that you never stop smiling . I don't going to end it by saying you be strong but I like to tell you a single thing that you have to keep writing because your writing can be reason to smile for a person .

  4. This made me recall two lines by Dushyant Kumar:

    मेरे दिल पे हाथ रक्खो, मेरी बेबसी को समझो
    मैं इधर से बन रहा हूँ, मैं इधर से ढह रहा हूँ


  5. I wish everything gets better soon . Love to the warriors like you.

  6. All power to you. Your journey has been one of its kind and you have shown tremendous power and courage in that. Take care of yourself and write more often.

  7. The broken people are bravest and most sensitive souls, often struggling with so much. Yes. Saru, you are a warrior and I wouldn't say that this too shall pass but facing the issues makes you stronger. Love.

  8. The more we break the stronger we become. Your writing is a booster


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