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200 and a lot more to go...

'Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words ,' Robert Frost. And I truly believe in it. My first poem was ' When You Came '. I don't know what inspired it, may be a movie or another poem but I do remember, I wrote it in one go. There are several poems which I have written in one go and I post them without editing a single word. I may sound a bit narcissist but I love these unedited raw flow of words. It feels words are flowing and your pen, acting as its buddy, is scribbling it on a piece of paper. Oh yes, I write on paper and sometimes on my iPad, which I won for writing a poem . But even with edited poems, there is one thing in common - Your feelings; be it for the love of your life, December 16th or Facebook likes. You ought to feel it and write it that very moment. If you don't, the poem dies; in softer words, you have delayed its birth. So, it has to be spontaneous. You feel it, you write it. Few of my

She walks in beauty

Never, Never before, I cursed the silting sand. It kissed my naked torso, I even passed it through my hand. Sun shined above, Sea sang a perfect song. Those shapeless beads argued, Asked what went wrong? Flawless, petite, Anklet dangled in perfect rhyme. She walked in beauty, Smelt lemon in summertime. Breathless... I chased her, Mindlessly on that beach. And I cursed daring sand, For kissing her beautiful feet. Later, I tucked this note on her windshield ~ Aapke paon dekhe, bahut haseen hai.  Inhe zameen par mat utariyega, maile ho jayenge... *Image Source - Google

I ran, not between the wickets though

Besides the word Entertainment , two words that truly define entertainment in India are - Cricket and Movies. Can't say much about movies but as far as Cricket is concerned, we Indians are experts. We know which 'dropped catch' resulted in our defeat and which 'over' turned the match in our favor. Mind you, all this gyan is acquired by watching this game religiously for many years and for our sheer love of it. And yours truly , claims to be crazily in love with this game (well, a bit with cricketers too). One nearly absurd thing which I did to watch a match is ditch my first love - Food. Me and my mother went to this Punjabi wedding and she promised we would return well in time for toss. As punctual as it could get, we were the first one to reach the venue. That was the first sight which got me marching up and down the dusty red carpet while waiting for someone else to arrive. After nearly an hour, guests started pouring in. But the bride and groom was nowhe

Let's take a winter break, shall we?

Autumn is far away, Of course, winter is far-far off. Unhinged I brood, Speculating reasons for our cold attitude. A girl died in December , Humanity even before that. Cacophony subsided within days, Reasons, I'm trying to speculate. Come Summer, Nature swallowed thousands , Flipping channels, surfing net. Concluding ~ Ourselves, our biggest threat. Erase this from your memory, Call them exception. Alas, we are only good at ~ Pouring bouts of aggression. Stand up against all wrong, Have the courage, have the nerve. Action most definitely, Is louder than words. Damp conscience; Act - let it be free! Or, let's take a winter break, shall we?


जुबां पे लागे सेक सी तेरे तीखे बोलों की तलवार पर तेरी एक हँसी के आते ही मानों बजता है राग मल्हार रुबाब नीम सा कड़वा है रंग-ओ-उल्फ़त से बेज़ार जब झटका हाथ मेरे छूने पे बज उठे लाखों सितार जिस्म जलता है, पिघलता है तेरे आने पर कई बार कई बार कहा मैंने कि इस तक़रार में भी है प्यार सुलग़ने दो थोड़ी देर थोड़े शिकवे हो जाये लापता और फ़ुर्सत से हम लिखें एक नया राबता * * * There was a time when lyrics of most of the Bollywood songs were soulful and stayed with us. Sadly, these days such songs are few and far between. Raabta from the movie ' Agent Vinod ' is one song from recent times whose lyrics are poetic and music soothing. This poem is my expression on the word - Raabta, which means relation. Here’s the song ~ Enjoy! And cheers to the era of soulful lyrics.