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Postcards from Melbourne

This post won 1st prize in 'Reasons for falling in love with Melbourne' contest on Indiblogger

Modern, yet old architecture adorning the city.  Studded with skyscrapers, yet maintaining abundance of natural beauty around it. Bustling streets, yet many tranquil places throughout.
Melbourne - A city with lots of contrast and character, a city that has a lot to offer to everybody. No wonder, it’s called the ‘most livable city in the world.’ I have never been there but have heard a lot about it from a friend who has sent these postcards about her adventures in this cosmopolitan city. And these postcards gave me a peek into this thrilling, modern and elegant city and I just fell in love with it.

In love with... Stunning gothic style architecture of St. Paul's Cathedral Hustle and bustle of Flinders Station and cafes around The tranquility that seeps within you when you visit Cook's cottage Uber-alive and ever-alive energy of Federation Square And, the Hosier Lane for the modern artwo…

O' Men ~ Get It Right

This poem won second prize in #WillYouShave contest on BlogAdda.
Some say it's a stubble Some claim to like it that way Some flaunt this mess with pride Some say we don't shave on Thursday O' Men Why don't you get it right? Be neat and clean shaven Before stepping outside 
(I) Few things last forever and first impression go a long way Don't spoil it by not shaving on any given day I met my darling husband and he was unshaven and unkept Few of the things till date he regrets That date lasted only a few minutes, sans romance His stubble crushed his hopes and a golden chance He paid hefty phone bills to convince me for a second date He knew by then, it takes more to please a girl than fate He asked me helplessly - what went wrong? I defied that shadow and harped on his five-o-clock song He sighed and promised to sport a clean look next time we meet And later he swept me off my feet
(II) The story doesn't end there as men are from mars Men only take two things seriously after marriage - t…

Seek True Love, Not Just Pleasure

Dev weds Meira
Arranged Marriage
Had sex on their first night

Aakash weds Kavya
Love Marriage
Done it countless times before

Tanay weds Mauli
Love Marriage
Done it countless times before, not with each other though

What is wrong and what is right? Is marriage a permit to have sex? Is pre-marital sex wrong? Isn't sex an expression of your feelings? Alas! We don't dig that much. We just like labeling things, putting them into the bracket of wrong or right. In fact, most would say - sex before marriage is wrong! And even if someone have had sex before marriage, he would still want a virgin. 
But before passing any judgement, we must understand that even sex has its shades of grey. So, I wouldn't categorically say it is right or wrong, based just on your martial status. I would rather dwell more on the so-called grey areas before jumping to any conclusion.
What precedes Sex?  Sex is not about rushing on and into each other. It's all about discovering each other, layer by layer - mind,…

Black Tuesday

Untie that knot
Set him free
Those feet were never at rest
Since he was three

Many unpalatable truths
Smeared on his blood-soaked shirt
A corpse does speak
Without uttering even a single word

Jostle my soul harder
I'm unhinged by this fall
I am looking at his naked feet
Cover them with a warm shawl

He may not feel cold
But a mother can't bear this sight
Those people didn't kill one
The whole family died

Only a handful celebrate
On what humanity mourns
Goodness shall prevail
It never withers with such storms

But do tell his mother
Every heart is bleeding with pain
Many beliefs are uprooted
In today's hurricane


Untie that knot, set him free
Those feet were never at rest, since he was three
He won't run now, his stride has been cut short
Let him pace towards heaven, he has already suffered a lot
Inspired by December 16th, School Massacre in Peshawar, Pakistan *Image Source

Quote Unquote ~ 41/365

Post by Words.
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Don't Be

Don't be fragile People won't handle you with care Unapologetically they will break you Beyond any repair
Don't be mellow They will take advantage of you Will place you on sidelines Once they are done and through
Don't be naive Life isn't a fairy tale with a happy end Most are playing a trick Disguised as your friend
Don't be this or that What would you be then? Lost in oblivion, shapeless Listless in crowd yet again
Be a child Care for your own good Be fragile, mellow, naive And do what you should
Be as free as wind Flow as if no stone can turn your path A spark that lights a fire Be a child at heart

Image - Point Pleasant, New Jersey, USA

Of knots, stains and winter

Have you ever unfolded a sweater? To rub your hand on it To sniff the lingering scent of mothballs And to touch the memories its yarn has
I do, I do it often With my red sweater It has many knots that I cherish Many stains that never faded with time
When I am overwhelmed, I wear it Thinking - it will rewind time To that winter afternoon When he spilled ginger chai on it
I caress the knots and contemplate How we two were going through the same phase Poor thing was once stuck in a broken window Like my heart was stuck on him
Have you ever loved a sweater so much? To wear it for years together To feel him in it And never give it away
Ah, winter! I sew many memories in you Ah, winter! I sew many memories with you
*Image Source - Here