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Rewind - October 2020

I took a break from social media in October. It was therapeutic. I have realized I can't be a part of a race. And social media does look like one. I know what makes me happy. And I want to do all those things. Writing makes me happy. Posting all my writings on social media is irrelevant to it. Unlike everyone around me who wants to have a house by a certain date, have kids before 35, have a European vacation once a year, I don't have time-bound goals. I want to write books, travel the world, write songs, get my career back on track but I will not lose my sanity over it. I will work. If I will achieve my goals, good. If not, I still want to enjoy the process. On that note, I wrote the following in October. Date Content 10/03/2020 At the end of the evening, your cologne on my neck smells like poetry. 10/04/2020 सारी शाम यही सोचती रही, कि कभी तुम मेरे बारे में भी सोचते हो क्या? 10/05/2020 रोज़ जलती है लाखों चिताएँ यहाँ अंदर ही अंदर जब लोग घुट-घुट कर मरते हैं अफ़सोस हैसियत की बात व