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eSmart Term Plan - A Smart CHOICe

First time I look an insurance policy, I waited with my mother in a government building for hours. It was a cumbersome, lengthy and delayed process. No wonder, my zest for investment died then and there. Our generation likes to work fast, without any hiccups. We want things to be available at our fingertips. And why not? Also, if it involves our money, we should know the finer details of it. But there is always a question of trust when it comes to handling money matters online. Well, no worries! Check - with the backing of three reputed financial organizations, this microsite is the solution for our insurance needs.
As I am revamping my financial plan for the year to include more investments, eSmart Term Plan caught my attention. I am looking for a long term policy to cover the contingencies. And ‘eSmart Term Plan’ fits the bill perfectly. It’s a term plan with a surprisingly low premium. To be very honest, ease of getting this plan is more inviting. When I hear…

How you can Buy Happiness with Money?

Whoever said happiness can’t be bought with money obviously invested in the wrong places. Happiness can be bought with money provided we spend on experiences rather than on possessions. Money is necessarily a means to an end. And, that end should be happiness. If you embrace this truth, we will invest in things that bring us close to a blissful life. As they say, ‘Collect Moments, Not Things.’ Try to fit into this saying while spending money.

Invest in Your Passions
There is at least one thing we all love. It may be travel, cooking, reading or painting. Multiply your happiness by spending money on these things. If you love to explore new places, spend money on travel. If cooking is your stress-buster, take courses or buy fancy cooking appliances. Invest in a good bookcase or build a library if you love reading. Spend money on things that bring long term gratification.
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Amazing Facts About Star Trek Beyond

Action, adventure, and adrenaline - pack these three in one frame and we get the epic Star Trek series. The new movie from this series - Star Trek Beyond is creating a buzz all around the globe. Rave reviews on IMDb, MetaCritic, and Rotten Tomatoes, and updates on my Facebook timeline encouraged me to book tickets for this weekend. As claimed by fans, this is the best movie in the Star Trek series. Before you head out to the theater, check these cool-and-fun facts about Star Trek Beyond - The release date of Star Trek Beyond coincides with the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek TV show’s debut in 1966. Yes, this Franchise is being loved by many-many generations. They have upgraded the format to suit the young crowd, year after year. Cool, isn’t it!Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty in Star Trek Beyond has also written the screenplay of the movie. As Simon is high on wit and humor, I am expecting crisp and entertaining dialogues in the movie. Simon revealed his involvement in the wri…


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'India’s Finest Films' on Zee Classic Every Saturday

Movies, Popcorn and Pajamas - three things that mark the end of a hectic week for me. I am a movie buff who plans ahead for the weekend. I surf and read channel schedule, and work my weekend work around it. Lo and behold, I am granted a wish by a Movie Genie. Starting 16th July, every Saturday at 10 PM, Zee Classic will be showing ‘India’s Finest Films’
List of 14 movies you cannot afford to miss, along with schedule:
Salaam Bombay on 16th July In 1988, Mira Nair made her directorial film debut with Salaam Bombay! which chronicled the lives of a group of street children in Mumbai. Inspired by the actual street children of Mumbai who starred in the movie, the film won awards across the globe for its authenticity and unwavering portrayal of the life of Mumbai's abandoned and homeless youth.
Mirch Masala on 23rd July For some Ketan Mehta will always remain the man who made Mirch Masala. An attention grabbing film, it rotates around the gender divide in the society. It is the story of So…


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Rising Inflation – Tips to Manage your Kitchen on a Limited Budget

Running a household is a big responsibility. It is rewarding in many ways, but these days rise in food prices is a constant cause of worry. Food inflation puts a big dent in our monthly budget. Food should not be the area where we have to compromise! As new age women, we have to find a solution to this problem without compromising on the variety and nutrition on the menu. The key to running a kitchen within a budget is to make smart choices and to shop wisely. Keep Track of GroceriesFirst thing first - always keep track of all the items in the kitchen. Easy ways to do that - Go through your refrigerator and cabinets once a week Assign a separate section for items with early expiry date Store perishables in sight Labels boxes and containers for ease
All this will help to minimize wastage and to shop as per your requirement.
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Ek Kahani Garma Garam Chaai Ke Saath

Sparrow is my favorite bird. Not for some random reason, though. I only remember one story from my childhood. When my mother came from work, and we slept on our tiny bed, she narrated this story night after night. Same story for years and I never got bored of it. If there was anything a child wanted in a story -  this story had it - moral, fun, thrill, justice, action and hope. It left an indelible impression on my tiny heart… so much so, whenever I spot a sparrow, my lips arch and heart is filled with joy. Such is the power of a story. It moves you. It transports you to a magical land. And, at the same time gives you enough wisdom to deal with the real world. But there is one catch - for any story to make an impression, it should be told in the right way.
What’s the right way, you ask? Well, that’s a tough question to answer. It’s perspective. It’s personal. Like, I met a girl on the blogosphere - witty, fun, honest and she shared stories that were outrightly irresistible. I read her …


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Middle Class Sofay Ki Kahani

Not very long ago, there was something called Sofa. It was the finest piece of furniture in the house. If you are a boy, I am very sure you never cared about it. For girls, we devoted our Sunday, Saturday and all other holidays dusting or decorating it. Only worthy guests were entertained on the sofa. Rest of the lot - Sharma Aunty, Priya ki Mummy and Neelam Aunty never saw the light of our sofa, let alone had a feel of it. I remember, I truly grew up the day my mother said - Jaa ab sofay ki dusting kar! My eyes welled. From side table to sofa was a huge transition, and I stood up to the challenge. I washed my hands with soap, and searched for daddy ki purani baniyan and switched on the drawing room light. I even remember the cut-color-clarity of our sofa. It was of rexine. Rexine was the middle-class version of leather. We had no idea how to differentiate leather from rexine. We judged it by the standard of the house - Bada ghar toh leather, varna duplicate! I liked rexine. It was ea…