Rising Inflation – Tips to Manage your Kitchen on a Limited Budget

Running a household is a big responsibility. It is rewarding in many ways, but these days rise in food prices is a constant cause of worry. Food inflation puts a big dent in our monthly budget. Food should not be the area where we have to compromise! As new age women, we have to find a solution to this problem without compromising on the variety and nutrition on the menu. The key to running a kitchen within a budget is to make smart choices and to shop wisely.

Keep Track of Groceries

First thing first - always keep track of all the items in the kitchen. Easy ways to do that -
  • Go through your refrigerator and cabinets once a week
  • Assign a separate section for items with early expiry date
  • Store perishables in sight
  • Labels boxes and containers for ease

All this will help to minimize wastage and to shop as per your requirement.


  1. The Moneyview blog didn't open for me...tried two times... :-(

    1. Sorry about that. They were experiencing some issues.

  2. Very Useful. Planning and carefulness is always good. it will help in saving money as well as food.

  3. I need to adhere to all thost points , I am so bad at keeping coupons and other things .. :(


  4. Many new things I learnt from this article.


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