Writing My Heart On...

Like a puff of cigarette, like a sip of wine;
They rise high, so high inside.
Not one, not two, not even million can serve my appetite.
Words...hard to find,
Words...deep they touch.
Words...say few to me,
Words...convey so much.
Resting inside the quill with ink;
Some white and some are dark.
My eyes always lit up;
When I shower them on your body parts.
Orphan they feel, so read them loud.
Few make you cry, few make you proud.
Stubborn they are, will try to stay close.
Be it in a poem or in a prose.
A rainbow of alphabets,
A miracle bestowed by literature.
My spirits fly like an angel,
When I write 'words' on paper.


  1. This post is to mark the six months anniversary of this blog. I owe this blog to all the readers who inspire me to write. Thank you everybody!

    Please spare some time to read poems from a poet whose work has victorian charm. Read his work here

  2. Cheers...what a lovely set of words to mark 180 days...:) you know as they say..even the best tools work better when they are in the hands of a creative craftsman...so it is with you and words...words sound better when they come from Saru's pen :)

  3. beautiful beautiful beautiful words saru.. many many congrats on the 6 months anniversary :)... hope u write millions of more poems and garner millions more comments in your appreciation which your truly deserve... Thank you for the email :)

    Take care and keep writing.......

  4. wow... what a awesome way to mark the 6th months... yaar ur words are magic... each post.. thanks for writing... its a honor reading ur posts

  5. Congratulations Di :)!!! And this one.. Out of the world.. Most of your posts made my eyes fill, because I wonder how you can carve out such beautiful combination of words!! Lovely :) *hugs*

  6. Its been a wonderful journey with Words Saru... The way you weaved poems with words are surely incredible and am glad that I ran into your blog after your comment on my blog post. You make an impact for every reader who drops in to your blog.

    Am so happy for your completion of 6 months in blogosphere.. My best of the best wishes from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the momentum and delight us with much more posts.. Keep adding those stars in the crown!!! Take Care.. God Bless!! :)

    PS: This is a lovely way to express gratitude Saru... Truly touched! :)

  7. Really victorian charms are your words.Good to visit yr blog.

  8. Can't believe it is just six months! Wonderful poem :)

  9. 6 month....congo....intrstin n beautiful 'words' rejoicin on being a part of this write...:)...i loved it....:)))

  10. Congratulations Saru.May your blog celebrate many many more such anniversaries. Cheers :-)

  11. Saru, True to your WORDS! Lovely poem with so much of thought and meaning!I wish you many years of blogging/publishing success!

  12. Wow, 6 months ha?? Congrats yaar!!

    And Words, words are all you have, to take your readers hearts high, so high that not one, not two, not even million posts can serve our appetite. :D <-- Well, I cannot write poems, but I sure can copy and make my own :D

    Bloggers Park

  13. this is a perfect ode to writing:) Only someone who loves writing as much as you do could come up with this. reading it again now:))

  14. My spirits fly like an angel,
    When I write 'words' on paper.

    the above lines describe you saru,,

    We all could feel and sense your passion towards poetry and blogging

    congratulations !! for completing 6 months in blogosphere

  15. Happy Birthday, Words!
    Its always such a great pleasure when reading your blogs. Each post comes from the heart. Long way to go!! :)

  16. And words used beautifully to convey a world of meaning:-)
    Congratulations and let me tell you I was surprised to know that you've been writing just from six months-perhaps by the writing calibre I assumed you've been writing from a longer time:-)

    wish u loads of more success!

  17. your blog is just 6 mths old!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are a veteran already! beautiful liness!!
    You do wonders with words

  18. "My spirits fly like an angel,
    When I write 'words' on paper."

    And you create magic with those words! Congrats, dear Saru :) I look forward to another 6 months and so on and so on :)

  19. Wonderful words.....lovely, meaningful, powerful and always enjoyable!

  20. Congrats dear! You have fabricating the colours of words in our minds in these times and expect you to do so in your entire life time! Great lines and great designing as usual! Cheers! Regards and love to this beloved poet:)

  21. Hearty congratulations and heres wishing you the best to have plenty more milestones!!


  22. Congrats on completing 6 months of blogging.. :)
    I hope we have more pleasurable reads!
    and this particular poem was wonderful, as ever!! :)
    keep writing, Saru! :)

  23. Magnificent Saru...

    You have no idea..how happy I am (or I can safely say we for all the readers who have been here..)
    to read your poems...

    Seriously, you have no idea.. :)

    Great going..

  24. Amazing, Saru! Congratulations on completing 6 months:) You weave magic with WORDS.

  25. Again wonderful words from you, m short of words for your 'WORDS"..The way you compose your poems is gr8.. wishing a lot of success ahead.
    Simple they are,
    you make them look amazing.
    the way you weave magical "Words",
    Add wings to them ,they soar high like birds.

  26. Congratulations Saru on completing 6 months of blogging. You are an inspiration to me. Your relationship with Words is absolutely magical. :)

    I hope your spirits keep flying like an angel for many many more years to come. An absolute pleasure reading all your poems. :)

  27. I am honored to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out below:-


  28. aare this blog is just six months old kya ?? am surprised O_O Saru as I told u earlier...loved Wordsworth & Shakespeare..but when teachers asked me to mug up the poems I started hating poems.. since my school time have been running away because poems put me to sleep...

    Ur words are just sooooooooooo beautiful they made me want to read more and more.. lovely words.. beautiful heart and my lovely Lady Wordsworth.. congrats and I can't wait to see your first collection being published :) :).. <3 <3 <3

  29. This is a great poem!! What words can do.. white or dark. Happy 6 mth anniversary! You do a great work with your words and inspires others.

    This poem made me think of this quote: "Words kill, words give life; they're either poison or fruit—you choose".

    Bless U:-)

  30. Congrats and what a lovely way to commemorate this landmark.. with words!!! :)

  31. Congratulations Saru!! I am glad you considered blogging. Each of your poems including the one you have written today are brilliant!

    Keep writing.. like you now even we are addicted to your WORDS.

    Happy day dear!

  32. Many Congratulations Saru! I am really happy about this.

    And this was another brilliant write up to mark your 6 month journey. Loved these lines the most:

    A rainbow of alphabets,
    A miracle bestowed by literature.
    My spirits fly like an angel,
    When I write 'words' on paper.

    Hope you come up with more such wonderful words. <3 Few more months from now, I think you can come up with your own book. :):)

  33. just six months?? :-o m kind of surprised....loved the piece :)

  34. A tribute to writing! :) BEAUTIFUL THOT! :)

  35. Saru in gujarati means GOOD/Well....justifying ur name is ur work...

    Congos for 6 mnts, keep blogging n keep rockin...

    Indeed beautiful words....


  36. Saru! Full 'Happy'-half Birthday to your ' Words' on behalf of the visitors, followers, well wishers & friends..
    Your small Words, adds to bigger plans..
    A symbol of quality, promise & outstanding activity.
    I wish your success in future,

  37. First of all happy birthday to your blog ..
    and the words that you write are so very beautiful ..
    loved them and many many many more months to go yet a long way to go ...

    Thanks for sharing your WORDS.


  38. Surprising everyone
    Don't take her wrong
    She is writing for long
    At the age of 15
    She started exploring her soul
    Coz at that age
    Her heart was pure.
    Only spent six month here
    But were weaving her thoughts for year.
    Got her soul mate through net
    Old classmate would be her husband
    That was her fate
    Don't be shock
    Coz his name is Alok
    In her beautiful heart she carry
    Only one wish
    A book she wants to publish
    Let's wish her for lifetime
    Grow everyday is the wish of mine.
    Keep rocking Saru:)

  39. very many congratulations :)

    i loved the intro, loved the ending lines...and...pretty much everything in between :)

    u saru...kw how to even make words talk!

    keep well n keep writing!

  40. Lovely post, Saru. You are a nice writer. :)

  41. Lovely post Saru...
    What you have achieved in 6 months is phenomenal. Congrats on that. This post should become your blog description and should be on homepage forever! :)

  42. Though generally i don't comment on my wife's blog (this is 2nd in the last 6 months), but i can't resist saying that 'This is one of the best poems i have ever read.'

    I am also thankful to all the readers who appreciate the thoughts Saru pens down.

    @Mithlash - Thanks for your awesome lines :)

  43. just within 6 months you succeeded to built a large community of supporters. well done! keep writing :)

    beautifully penned. too bad i don't have such a talent in poetry. but i enjoy reading them :)

  44. Dear Saru,
    I'm honored to nominate your name for a blogger award.
    Please visit my blog for details.

  45. Very well written Saru. Definitely worthy of an award!

  46. Beautifully worded 6 month blogoversary :) Cheers!

  47. Beautifully worded for the occasion! Happy 6th month blogiversary :D

  48. I nominated you for an award. Please check it out at the following link.


  49. @Alok: It's my pleasure sir.
    @Saru: Awesome poem...see your fans are nominating you for an award:)

  50. Cheers to a milestone and many many more to come <3 Totally dig the photograph and poem :)

    //Few make you cry, few make you proud.//

    More will make you proud from here on...

  51. Hi Saru, I'm amazed by your natural spontaneity... keep penning!
    And thanks a lot for visiting ang liking my scrapbook :)

  52. i feel honoured to nominate you for the versatile blogger award please visit my post link for details:)
    http://alkanarula.blogspot.com/2011/12/versatile-blogger-award.html#links or you can visit my blog for details http://alkanarula.blogspot.com

  53. Congrats and this poetry is like title song of your blog. <3

  54. You are really good in playing with words. Nice poem and carry on with your magic work!!!

  55. Fabulous words - you make them sing!

  56. Happy Six Months Anniversary to this Superb blog of yours my friend! :) You find your words from your heart and write it full of emotions... no wonder that you have the so-called readership because your blog deserves a party!!!! More power to you my friend :)

  57. cheers Saru, six months and way to toast the half yearly milestone.Great going, keep up the rhythm !

  58. Words are powerful! They can be emotional, happy, sad, helpful or hurtful.

  59. Nice blog title. Words can do much in life!

  60. Saru jee - I can only say it is just the begining :) You say that your readers inspire you to write, well I say - your words inspire a lot of people.. at-least they do inspire me.. :) This poem depicts yourself and your lovely blog.. Keep writing... 3 cheers to one of my favourite author and her blog...

  61. Lovely words Saru!!! You are amazing!! Touched!

  62. Delicious Poem Saru!,Tastes so good and hearty

  63. You are very much fine in delivering your emotions, your thoughts with words... again a remarkable presentation.

  64. Its an honour to nominate you for the versatile blogger award. Here's the link-http://versa-ambiguity.blogspot.com/2011/12/versatile-blogger-award.html#!/2011/12/versatile-blogger-award.html
    Thank you.

  65. Absolutely wonderful poem. You work magic with your subtle use of words and leave a powerful impact on your readers. Outstanding!

  66. Dear Saru,

    You are indeed a "miracle bestowed by literature" and your poetry blossoms like the works of John Keats. Reminisces me the times I spent in 1969 when I was reading Eenglish Literature for my BA. I love you and your poetry too.

    Best wishes


  67. Beautiful.
    What a way to start "Like a puff of cigarette, like a sip of wine;
    They rise high, so high inside."

  68. what a way to put it...loved the similies.

  69. beautiful... could relate so well with your words :)

  70. Saru,
    I am happy to nominate you for a blogger award. Please visit the link to know more http://nishdil.blogspot.com/2011/12/award-for-me.html

  71. And one thing, I come again to read your poem once more my friend and for the second time I must day you are a brilliant poet... I also need to say that you have chosen a very nice title of your blog 'words' that really describe what is your greatest passion in life! Keep it as always my friend I am so proud of you :)

  72. This post reminded me of Boyzone's song "Words"
    really fantastic expressions .... words can do wonders both constructively as well as destructively !!

  73. Saru; that was truely a master piece !!

  74. Congrats on completing 6 years Saru! I have been following your blog for quite some time now and each post is unique in its own way.. Keep going..

  75. congrats on 6 months...our spirits fly like angel too when we read your poems :)

  76. Beautiful words..............Congratulations..for completing six months Saru.......

  77. 6 months and the world is following you!!!


    hey very nice flow of the poem Saru .. loved it!!!


  78. you are very good with words Saru...you're a born poetess ! Congrats ! :)

  79. Words - they make you really special! :) Words - they now speak your language. :) Congratulations and keep writing many many such gems!

  80. @India's no.1 blog- Thank you Prayukth, your words are always a source of inspiration. Also, I will thank you for all the advice you give me on my poetry.

    @Thousif Raza- Thanks Thousif, you are among the first few people who admired my work. I still remember those lovely and encouraging comments. Truly cherish finding you in blogosphere.

    @poemsofmoment- Thanks a ton Nimesh, I can say the same for you as well...:)

    @Writing Bee- Thanks Deepthi, it's pleasure knowing that someone admires my work like you do...:) XOXOXO

    @Anand- Now, I want to go to that post on your blog which led to this beautiful relationship. It's very rare that you meet like minded people who fill your days with some awesome songs. :) Thanks a lot for your wishes. I hope I live up to your expectation in the future. Sorry for not writing a poem on that song. I always try but fail. Hope, can complete it as soon as I can.

    @veerubhai- Thank you so much for a lovely comment and welcome here :)

    @Sahana Rao- At times even I can't. I feel I am blessed with a great company of lovely people. Thanks for liking the poem :)

    @डॉ॰ मोनिका शर्मा- True, there is nothing as beautiful as words. Thanks for reading my words and appreciating it :)

    @vaisakhi- Thanks Vaisakhi for a meaningful comment :)

    @Swapna- Thanks a lot dear. May I have your company ever and forever...:)

    @Rahul Bhatia- Thank you Sir. As far as publishing book is concerned, I will owe that to all the readers of this blog...:)

    @Binu Thomas- Thank you Binu...The comment was a mix of my words and boyzone's words. Love it totally...BTW, it's my all time favourite song.

    @TD23- Thank you Nimish. Just wanted to say I love your blog. I always look forward to your posts...Street photography is so much fun:)

    @Sujatha Sathya- Thanks a ton dear means a lot coming from you. I clearly remember the day you awarded me; I treated myself with a subway. My way of celebrating in an alien country :)

    @Readitt- Thanks dear...BTW, congrats in advance for your blog's anniversary :)

    @Manali- Thanks a ton Manali...One of your comments, inspired me to think about my book:)

    @Suruchi- Thanks Suruchi for such a lovely comment... :)

    @Red Handed- A veteran saying such things to me, I am thrilled. Who can beat your fan following dear?

    @~*Princesa Fiona*~- Thanks Lady Fiona for all the wishes and love who have been showering on me. XOXOXO

    @Satish Mutatkar- Thank you so much Sir, means a lot:)

    @Nasnin Nasser- Awww, Thank you! I can say the same for you as I love your style of writing which reminds me of Shakespeare...

    @magiceye- Thank you Deepak Sir for being such a big support and recognising me when I was a newbie...:)

    @Sridhar- Thank you dear!

  81. @Mi- Thank you Mi but where are you these day? I miss your comment:(

    @Kunal- Thanks Kunal and you don't know how happy I was to read your last poem. Your comments elates me as you are very fine poet...:) I wish I could learn few things from you:)

    @Cloud Nine- Thank you, I love that line:)

    @deeps- Awww, only a poet like you can come up with such an awesome comment. Thank you dear...:)

    @AKSHAY KUMAR G- Thank you Akshay:) I admire the way you encourage and appreciate. LOve the last two lines, will always treasure it:)

    @Sowmya Swaminathan- Thank you Sowmya, I am honoured. Something is wrong with my blogger, will place it permanently on my blog as soon as possible...:)

    @SuKupedia :) :)- Thank you Sunita and more than this comment I cherish that day when while reading your blogada entry I saw my name in the post. You have no idea how deeply touched I was. Honestly, my eyes were filled. Now, I am reading 'Lady Wordsworth' and thinking; will I get some opportunity to thank you for this comment. Love you Sunita. Your comments always make my day as they straight out of heart:)

    @Spiderdama- Lovely quote and thanks for sharing. Thanks for your wishes and support. BTW, me and my husband spend last Sunday surfing your blog. It was such a nice experience Tania:)

    @:-Dee- Thank you so much sweetheart :)

    @Sameera- Aww, so sweet of you Sameera. Thank you so much for reading and appreciating:)

    @Harsha- Thank you Harsha...You are such a sweetheart...God Bless:)

    @Madhusha- Thank you dear:)

    @Purple Mist- Thanks!!!

    @AKILA VENKAT- Thank you Akila:)

    @Prakash Jain- Thank you Prakash...:)

    @Being_AC- Thanks a lot Sir for always reading and admiring my words. It's a pleasure knowing you here:)

    @Bikramjit- Thank you Bikram:) :) :)

    @Mithlash- How can I reply to an out of the world comment. You make me speechless every time you write something. Alok was so happy after reading your comment that even he decided to comment. I think I can never ever thank you enough...:)

    @Team G Square- Thank you:)

    @Rohit Sareen- Thanks Rohit and I love the shot:) Thanks again for the picture:)

    @Ashwini- Thank you so much...They are very meaningful, btw I love the line; Be it in a poem or a prose:)

    @Shreya- Thanks Shreya:)

    @prateek mathur- Thanks for this wonderful idea, I will try coming up with something to do it.:)

  82. @Alok Singhal- Thank you Alok for liking it after the phrase 'sugar coated promises'. I am thrilled...And, thanks for thanking all these lovely people:) On a serious note, thanks for being a critic...

    @Inspector Saahab- Thank you dear. It is nothing on my part, I am blessed...:)

    @Leo Paw- You know I read that post even before you posted on my blog. Thanks for nominating me. It's such an honor:)

    @j. littlejohn- Thanks John:)

    @Dark Knight- Thanks dear:)

    @SpringBlossoms- Thank you Ananya:)

    @sm- Thank you!

    @Kiran @ KiranTarun.com- Thank you so much Kiran:)

    @Meera Ganesh- Thank you Meera...You made my day!

    @Mithlash- I wish they can nominate you...:)

    @TheBluntBlogger- Thank you so much Chintan. It's such a beautiful shot by Rohit that words come out automatically:)

    @Ruchi Jain- Thank you so much Ruchi!

    @Anunoy Samanta- Thank you so much and welcome here:)

    @alkanarula- Thank you Alka from the bottom of my heart!

    @vertu- Thank you Vertika:)

    @sriramnivas- Thank you so much Ram for your comment...

    @ladifi- Thank you dear, means a lot coming from you:)

    @Prime Aque- Thank you so much Prime...It is a pleasure knowing you here. Blog is such a strong medium to interact and express. I am blessed that few want to read what my heart says:)

    @http://mindlesslampoons.blogspot.com/- Thank you Ravi:)

    @alissa4illustration- They are indeed...:)

    @Kusum- Yes, they can and welcome here!

    @Sunil Padiyar- Thank you so much Sunil. It certainly inspires when someone praises like you do:)

    @Jenny- Thank you Jenny:)

    @Christy Gerald- Thank you so much...:):):)

    @Madhaw Tiwari- Thank you Madhaw and all the best with the new endeavours...

    @Priyanka Mohanty- Thanks a ton dear...I am honoured:)

    @R.Ramakrishnan- Thank you for the kind words. It inspires me to write better:)

    @Cosmicgems-Thanks Sir. I am honoured with your comment. I hope I can live up to the standards:)

    @Rajesh- Thanks Rajesh:)

    @☆ Rià ღ- Thank you Ria!

    @N.S.Kirti- Thank you dear:)

    @Nisha- WOW, thanks Nisha:) I guess stars are on my side from a couple of days:)

    @Prime Aque- I'm touched dear...Thank you!!!

    @Jyoti Mishra- True and it's because of this song, I named by blog so. It's my all time favourite:)

    @deepbaazigar- Thanks Deepak!

    @Arun- Thanks Arun for reading and admiring. It's six months dear, for 6 years you have to be truly talented and courageous...:)

    @SUB- Thank you Sub:) :) :)

    @Seema- Thank you Seema:)

    @rahul aggarwal- Thank you Rahul...I always say I am blessed and nothing else...:)

    @Kitty- Thank you so much dear :)

    @Raj- Awww, that was so sweet Raj. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    @wheatgerm- Thank you and welcome here:)

  83. First of all, congratulations on the completion of 6 months.

    And what creativity and what lines! A poem as wonderful as the words in it.

  84. Congratulations Saru!
    What a time it must have been for you. I am sure you are no less delighted than we are, because over these 6 months you have given us some absolutely stupendous piece of work to enjoy and ponder upon. Keep showering us with such stuff.
    This fan of yours always looks up to you :)

  85. Beautiful stuff, both now and before.... thanks for sharing your thoughts and parts of your soul with us....


  87. Wow :) This post made me smile wide!
    Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog!
    Wish you a great journey ahead!

  88. Lovely....Every writer will love this words...gr8 job done!

  89. Hi,
    I am happy to share a Liebster blog award with you
    You can find it here
    Hope you accept it!

  90. Lovely....as usual. To pack so much into so few words is a real art....

  91. Hi, Happy six months into writing and inspiring people..:)I'm glad i was able to greet one great blogger here now, maybe i'm late but hope my greetings can reach your heart too..:) Your piece are very inspiring, i love reading them.. Thank you so much for sharing us your heart through writing.. Keep it up Saru!:) More power to your site!:)

  92. Congratulations on completing six months. Way to go! Look forward to more lovely poems from you :)

  93. what a meaningful poetry

    Thank for sharing with us

  94. sorry I'm commenting so late on this...but it's wonderful saru, as always. Take my heartiest congratulations on completing six months on blogger! Wish you many many more such celebrations, may you delight your readers for a long time to come:)

  95. WOW! Nicely penned words. Music in fact. :) Going to follow you. :)

  96. Superb Saru...So true!
    You can't resist not detest 'em:)
    Compelling 'Words' they are...

  97. Congrats Saru.. It has been a great journey since enjoyed every writing of urs.. This poem is a true depiction of yours.. When you write something it is magical... Keep writing coz there are many milestones to achieve ....

  98. आपके पोस्ट पर आना सार्थक होता है । मेरे नए पोस्ट "खुशवंत सिंह" पर आपका इंतजार रहेगा । धन्यवाद ।

  99. My my my! You are amazing!

    How do you write creatively and use the words so well juxtaposed with emotions?



  100. very beautiful ........bahut hi sunder shabdo me ukera hai .......lovely . best post like it from bottom of my heart ..:)

  101. And I also want to note that I am so amazed with the pace of your blog my friend as I am also 6 months seriously blogging, but you have this speed! I am so happy for you, your words have taken you this far and I know it will take you and your readers including me even further and that I am so excited about :)

  102. Hi Saru,
    just stumble upon your blog during a blogwalk,
    the most recent post is a stunning poem but apparently it's a guest post,the 2nd is short,concise and yet packed with a deep profound message...I can only say 'Words have immense power indeed!'...lots to learn from your crafty poem-writing skills.
    Rohit,a novice blogger and
    yet another of your follower

  103. Your words are magical, they give my imagination wings! Congrats on the wondrous feat achieved!

    May you have manyyy more beautiful days ahead of you, Keep Penning!!! :)

  104. Congratulations dear :) its been a pleasure to have met u hear. bless u, bless ur skills :)

  105. i had to scroll so much to post a comment, wow !!

    your poem reminded me the song 'words' by boyzone.

    thanks for sharing this.

    Cheers !!

  106. perfect timimg with perfect words.....

    i think every writer, poet feels the same way, and you just expressed it beautifully

  107. This is just stunningly beautiful. I can't find any other words!

  108. ha ha... ther needn b ne other "reaction" option than soulful i guess... :-D superb... :)

  109. @Irfanuddin- Thanks a lot dear. Hope all is well on your side:)

    @Neeraj Kumar- Thank you Neeraj for the wishes and your lovely words:)

    @alka narula- Thanks Alka!

    @Animesh Ganguly- Awww....I am more than delighted dear...I feel blessed. Thank you for such a beautiful comment.

    @Santa- Thank you dear:)

    @Santosh Bangar- Thanks Santosh ji:)

    @Jill of all Trades- Thank you for your comment dear:)

    @☂☆ Vållῐ ★♬- Thank you :) :) :)

    @Priya- Ofcourse, I am so happy to have it. Thanks a lot for making my day:)

    @Satish Mutatkar- Thank you Sir!

    @Sagittarian- Thank you so much for those warm wishes:)

    @Aabha Midha- Thank you Aabha:) :) :)

    @Rupertt Wind- Thanks:)

    @Khilesh- Thank you!

    @Charu- Thank you so much Charu!

    @Jyothi- Thanks Jyothi and welcome here!

    @deepazartz- Thanks Deepa and wish you all the best with your recent endeavors.

    @swati- Thank you Swati, you are one person who has given me all that courage to bring it where it is today:)

    @vineetchhajer- Thank you!

    @प्रेम सरोवर- Thank you so much Sir:)

    @Megha Sarin- Thanks Megha:) XOXOXO

    @shashi purwar- Thank you Shashi:)

    @Prime Aque- Thank you dear and this speed is a blessing from all the people whom I can't thank enough!

    @Rohit- Thanks a ton, visited your blog and it was such a pleasure reading your work:)

    @Arti- Thanks for your wishes and a lovely compliment:)

    @mydala- Thanks a lot!

    @sawan- Thanks a lot Anil. Pleasure is all mine, your recent poem is wonderful beyond words:)

    @Saquib Kazi- I love that song and that's why I named my blog- Words....Thanks for the comment!

    @Chetan- Thank you Chetan:)

    @Sudeshna Das- Thanks a lot!

    @r_Phoenix- Thanks :)

  110. The journeys they take us through...these words!
    A stunning read!!

  111. its a masterpiece... after reading this one can say that u have become a veteran writer i must say... and i congratulate for completing six months here... hope u should complete more than 600 months so that we can read ur fantastic poems time to time...
    all the best...

  112. @Kavita- Thanks a lot:)

    @Ashish Kumar- Thanks for your wishes Ashish...Blogging has given new meaning to my writing...:)

  113. Hello Saru,

    Just came across this poem and was touched by it.

    Thank you for putting in so much honesty in it.



  114. A great poem and thanks for sharing this is the first work I have read on here.
    Take care

  115. Remember reading this. Great poem. Glad I got to read it again today.

    1. Thank you so much Ma'am. :) Always a pleasure hearing from you :)

  116. My spirits fly like an angel,
    When I write 'words' on paper.....the lines resonate so very well with me..my thoughts exactly. lovely compositon Saru


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