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7 Ways to Get Fit This Summer Without Sweating Your Money

We can't improve our fitness without altering our present lifestyle. But wait, don't confuse improving fitness with spending more money. It has nothing to do with how much we spend. It's all about channelizing our actions in the right manner and making small changes that last a lifetime. While running, walking and yoga are free of cost, we lack the motivation to stick to the routine. Make the following changes and fit into summer wardrobe with a better body. Stick to Homemade When it comes to losing weight, 80% is food and 20% is exercise. The proportion reflects the importance of eating right. Even if we burn 700 calories in the gym, one wrong meal can flush the effort down the drain. The best way to control our calorie intake is to eat at home. One home cooked meal has half the calories of the same dish available in a restaurant. And we can’t ignore the amount of money we could save while eating at home. Please click and read the rest of the post on MoneyView


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8 Summer Style Tips That Will Have You Looking ‘Cool’ On A Budget

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There are very few stories that leave an indelible effect on us. My favorite short story is by Ernest Hemingway - “For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” It's tragic and painfully beautiful. These 6 words have the power to evoke strong emotions in readers. Most read short story from my feed is - We bumped into each other in a cafe after 6 years. He was with his wife and I was with his daughter. #SingleMother How is this new #TheHashtagStory? Do you like the mix of technology, relationship, and memories in it?

Steel Lunch Box and Oh-So-Clever Ms. Singh

If I may say, I was a fool to think Ms. Singh won't catch me. She was a clever teacher. There was no fooling around in her class. And let me confess, I was petrified of her. But that particular day, I had no control. What I did was no child's play! It took immense courage to indulge in the stupidity. Yes, it was stupid of me. But, pardon me I was hungry. My stomach was making weird noises. I did what I had to do - I opened my steel lunch box, unwrapped the roti from the cloth napkin, took a piece and folded a generous dose of aloo-gobi into it. I ducked my head and put that big bite into my mouth. It didn't end there, I told you , Ms. Singh was clever. She reacted even at the slightest mark of suspicion. I had to raise my head. I raised my head and placed the book in front. Abhay was reading Chapter 7. I paced my mind and caught with the lines. He was reading the second paragraph. I was chewing simultaneously. I must take a moment to say, my mother is an artist. That al