7 Ways to Get Fit This Summer Without Sweating Your Money

We can't improve our fitness without altering our present lifestyle. But wait, don't confuse improving fitness with spending more money. It has nothing to do with how much we spend. It's all about channelizing our actions in the right manner and making small changes that last a lifetime. While running, walking and yoga are free of cost, we lack the motivation to stick to the routine. Make the following changes and fit into summer wardrobe with a better body.

Stick to Homemade

When it comes to losing weight, 80% is food and 20% is exercise. The proportion reflects the importance of eating right. Even if we burn 700 calories in the gym, one wrong meal can flush the effort down the drain. The best way to control our calorie intake is to eat at home. One home cooked meal has half the calories of the same dish available in a restaurant. And we can’t ignore the amount of money we could save while eating at home.


  1. I agree about home cooked food. Some of the salads have so many calories that it is unthinkable.

  2. It is showing "Page not found" :(
    I am eager to read this, as I have to shed some kgs :)

  3. @Everyone - There is a technical issue with the website. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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