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It's All About Hindi This January

I've made many changes in 2018. My resolutions are streamlined. I follow them to the T. I'm noticing positive changes in myself. January was purposelessly busy, though. A lot of pending tasks and catching up kept me occupied. I'll remember January 2018 for two reasons. First - two of the leading actors of Masaan interacted with me after I posted a couplet inspired by the movie on Instagram. And few of my couplets made way to a cafe in Dubai.

On writing front, I wrote the following in January - 

I was confused which is the right word - sawari or sanwari. The word with 'n' sound is right. Well, so much to learn.

Vicky Kaushal and Shweta Tripathi read and commented on this couplet. It's special as this couplet is inspired by their story in the movie.

One of the Hindi couplet TheBhukkadCafe shared.

Which one is your favorite out of all these?

From Envy to #Evion - My Vitamin E Journey

This post won 'Special Mentions' prize in Evion Contest on Indiblogger
I had soft, supple, and clear skin. Till 26, I had no skin issues. This happy phase ended in the late 2000s. One winter my body needed more moisturizing than earlier. I had to apply face cream every 4 to 5 hours. My skin itched. It was dry. If I didn't moisturize it, I could see cracks on my skin. It became a ritual to apply a heavy moisturizer 3 times a day. I love winter. But this change in hormones and the subsequent change in my body made me dislike it. I started dreading winters. In addition to battling the cold, I had to follow a strict skin-care routine. I envied everyone with normal skin. The amount of effort in picking lotions, creams, oils was too much for me.

After a couple of years when the need to moisture twice or thrice a day became imperative the year around, I knew it was time to consult a skin doctor. 'There must be something wrong with my body for such a change to happen.' Whe…

The 2018 Guide to Earning Money Online

Yes, we can make money online. A lot of people do that. But it’s not easy. One has to tread carefully as there is a deluge of websites that make false claims. In case you get associated with a wrong website you end up in frustration. So we have compiled a list of ways you can earn online. Here’s the list of legitimate ways we can make extra bucks -

Sell the Unwanted Stuff
Declutter is one the new age mantras to live a stress-free life. While coming close to your inner self, why not make some extra cash? Sell old, extra, and unwanted stuff online. Get rid of those extra items lying around the house and make money. Use Quikr, Amazon, OLX, ListUp, Koove, ListUp, and Tradly to sell second-hand items. Harness the power of social media and use Facebook Groups to sell the items you don’t intend to use. In case you want to take the experience to another level, start an auction on eBay. eBay is the oldest and most reliable platform to sell products online.
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The Money View Get Financially Fit Calendar

We all want to be in total control of our finances. And for that, we take serious measures. We make budgets, download apps, we even set reminders. Given all this, it’s understandable if we miss a deadline here or there. It’s not easy to keep track of everything in our busy schedule. Earning money is tough enough and if we top it with managing it like a pro, we are talking about a lot of pressure. Financial fitness is a hard task. It’s not an easy feat. Plus, we are here to lend a helping hand. We have prepared a Fitness Calendar for our MoneyView readers to pump up finances in 2018. Follow this calendar month by month and by the end of the year, your finances would be in pretty good shape.

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Grace and the Guiltless - Impeccable Language with Realistic Climax

I don't like reading a certain genre. But this is 2018. I wanted to do something new. I picked up one from those books I buy when I go out and have a strong urge to stack my bookshelves. So while shopping for furniture at Ikea one day, I bought 'Grace and the Guiltless' from The Dollar Store nearby in Vaughan.

This novel is a story of Grace whose family is brutally murdered by 'The Guiltless Gang.' She is the lone survivor who must take revenge. So she does. Her journey from being a normal girl to a victim or desperately wandering in woods, to facing death, and to becoming a bounty hunter sounds real. There is not even a single moment where she loses focus. She knows what she wants. She is determined and not even the love of her life can stop him.

I love her clarity of thought, steadfastness, unflinching determination to prove herself. The two things that stood out for me in the book - impeccable language and climax. I googled this book. It falls under the Young A…

Top Financial Resolutions That Will Make You Financially Fit

2018 is here. It’s a perfect opportunity for us to start afresh. Wipe the slate clean, and make new resolutions that will help us to have a better life. As money is always a concern for most of us, we have a list of top financial resolutions that can help to become financially fit. Follow them to trim your expenditures and give a kick to your savings. Here’s the list:

Save first, spend later
It’s the oldest trick in the book. And it’s the most effective. What I like most about it - once you start following this ‘save first, spend later’ resolution, it becomes a habit. You start thinking from the perspective of saving money in every scenario. Money wisdom seeps into your bones. If you’ve not tried it yet, bring this habit to your life in 2018. Save first. Set automatic deduction from your account on the day you get your salary. If you choose to invest in SIP, Mutual fund or RD - even better.

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I’m the girl even your friends won’t approve

I burn your soul,
I light that kind of fire.
My words slit innocence into half,
I demand that much desire.

I ruin your days,
Your nights are no longer yours.
Love tastes like brandy-poison mix,
It is not pure.

You reek of desperation,
Your blood boils often.
You write letters with blood,
Only to bury them in an empty coffin.

Neither your body,
Nor your mind makes sense.
I treat you as a lover,
But I call you a friend.

When you grab me by my waist,
I stare into your eyes.
I’m your salvation,
The woman who can listen to your silent cries.

I leave you half-thirsty,
I’m that unfinished prose,
You hate the idea of love now,
You look for yourself on empty roads.

Still you want a lifetime with me?
Because you like the taste of fire.
I may not be a perfect girl,
I’m the only one you admire.

It’s too late now,
I seep into bones fast.
Don’t regret falling in love with me,
Don’t ever call me your past.

Your friends hate me,
You fight for me too.
You declare us soulmates,
Knowing too well that’s…