Top Financial Resolutions That Will Make You Financially Fit

2018 is here. It’s a perfect opportunity for us to start afresh. Wipe the slate clean, and make new resolutions that will help us to have a better life. As money is always a concern for most of us, we have a list of top financial resolutions that can help to become financially fit. Follow them to trim your expenditures and give a kick to your savings. Here’s the list:

Save first, spend later
It’s the oldest trick in the book. And it’s the most effective. What I like most about it - once you start following this ‘save first, spend later’ resolution, it becomes a habit. You start thinking from the perspective of saving money in every scenario. Money wisdom seeps into your bones. If you’ve not tried it yet, bring this habit to your life in 2018. Save first. Set automatic deduction from your account on the day you get your salary. If you choose to invest in SIP, Mutual fund or RD - even better.


  1. Save first spend later.. I wish I could live by this mantra but always fail to do so!


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