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कभी सफ़ेद कभी हलके रंगों में, सिमट के आती है वो! गर्मी के मौसम को भी,  ख़ूबसूरत बनाती है वो!! हर सुबह बालों को बाँध कर, जब घर से बाहर जाती है वो, ठंढी चाँदनी सी रास्तों  में  फैलाती है वो, गर्मी के मौसम को भी ख़ूबसूरत बनाती है वो! तपती धूप में मुझे देख कर, जब धीरे धीरे मुस्कुराती है वो,  राग मल्हार की याद दिलाती है वो, गर्मी के मौसम को भी ख़ूबसूरत बनाती है वो! कभी सफ़ेद कभी हलके रंगों में, सिमट के आती है वो! मेरे हर मौसम को,  ख़ूबसूरत बनाती है वो!!

Marooned, I Am...

Amidst the layers of smile, I hide my pain, He pats the surface, Thinking all is well. The sore look in my eyes, Never bothers him a bit, My eyes not only speak, They scream, they yell. It rained last summer, His skin felt so, Lying on his shoulder, When all my tears fell. Sinking in the non-existent, I don't know how, If ever I have to write, How the word 'life' would spell.

Just A Story

Window dressing, coming from commerce background you have access to all these fancy words. Often I ask Rohan about the fancy words techies have access to. He says, they have access to almost everything. True, very true, I say, however that comes with sympathy for all the other professions including my own. To tell you, I have done my MBA (Finance). Rohan, my husband, is a Software Engineer with MBA from a top B-School. We were neighbors and I married him when I was 6. Wondering, we were playing with my doll house and he said a boy and girl can sleep together only when they are married. And the next thing I did was to propose him, officially. I saw that on TV last evening. I went down on my knees in my purple frock with white ribbons. He said YES and we got permission to sleep together. But we did that after 20 years. It’s a long time to open up. Well, these 20 years is my story. Story of growth as a person and of course as a wife. Chapter 1 Day 2 of my marriage I am u


I fold those pages of my book, Where the ink is lighter. I wept on those words, There...I evolved as a writer. Those who flipped the pages, Left fingerprints in there. Those who read between lines, Showed their care. I danced on the cacophony, Thinking it might ease off the pain. I smiled, when they mistook, My tears as rain. But each one told me a truth, A truth that I bookmark. Always look into the light, When the life is dark. Image Source - Here

सही न जाए जुदाई...

कल शाम मेरे आँगन से तेरे नाम की ख़ुशबू आई, सही न जाए अब तो एक पल भी जुदाई ! वो काफ़िर है जो लब से उल्फ़त को करे बयाँ, ये नियामत तो मेरे हर अंग में है समाई!  सही न जाए अब तो एक पल भी जुदाई... शुरू होती है फलक से, फ़ना बस एक झलक में,  ख़ुदा भी न जाने कब उसने ये इबादत बनाई ! सही न जाए अब तो एक पल भी जुदाई... तसल्ली दे के दिल को, बहुत दिन काटे है मैंने, आओ अब कि कदमों की आहट से घूंज उठे शेहनाई! सही न जाए अब तो एक पल भी जुदाई! ~सरू सिंघल~