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We need Facebook likes. Your post gets only 10.

Let me begin by saying to all those who seek numbers - Number Game is a big business and only a few understand it. When a post gets hundreds of likes on Facebook, it's a combination of - friend count, time of posting, interaction level, and ease of reading. Hence pictures get more likes than words. So, don't judge a post on the basis of 'like count,' check its quality. Now let me go a step ahead and tell you the business aspect of it - Facebook and Instagram don't allow your post to reach all your followers. As a Facebook Page owner, my post reaches only 2-5% on good days. And as someone who has changed her Instagram to a business profile, my post reaches only 20-25%. Both these platforms prompt me to 'promote' my posts. They are in a business. They want profiles like mine to spend money before we even make a dollar on it. So, next time you see a profile with 1000s of likes with unmatched follower count, take it from me - something is fishy. In

5 Free Resources You Can Use To Plan Your Wedding Smartly

The best way to have a stress-free wedding is to plan ahead. I did the same. I planned ahead. Not only all the functions went without any hiccups, my family enjoyed it too. We danced, wept, regaled, and we did all that in style. I got married in 2009. My planning was limited to what I knew or what I learned from others. The world has changed a lot in the last 8 years. Pre-wedding photography, lavish mehndi ceremonies, and theme weddings are not limited to the who’s who.  With proper planning, any girl can have her dream wedding. As a modern girl, ditch your worries and use technology to stay on top of your wedding preparations. Get it done in style with the help of technology. Make it large but personal. These DIY tech-tools would make your wedding fun and would take the stress away. Download the Right Apps Image Source - WedMeGood App Leave the jittery feelings aside. Don’t know where to start - download a wedding planning app . An app is the answer to all modern da

17 Easy Changes That Can Save You Thousands Every Month

Last night I was reading about calories. Empty calories to be specific. Even if one consumes a measly number, say 100 calories a day, it adds to 3000 in a month. Nearly the same we have to burn to lose a pound. That made me realize how even a small change can bring a big impact in the long run. I was reviewing our monthly budget later and I decided to bring small changes in my monthly expenditure as well. I’ve been doing a few things to cut my expenses and added few more on the list. Here are the easy changes that can help us save thousands every month. Shop on assigned days unless it’s an emergency The best way to stick to your monthly budget is to shop on pre-assigned days. We tend to spend money every time we go to the market. Some of the items we buy are not even necessary. We see, we buy. We think later, though. Correct this by shopping on specific days of the week. Please click and read the rest of the article on MoneyView blog

Kaunse wala blue? When he replaced greeting card with a shade card.

A long time ago, a boy liked me. I am tempted to say loved me but he never said it loud. Poor chap! One day, he decided to fast-track the romance. He came, broke the ice and said, 'You look nice in blue.' Instead of accepting the compliment graciously, I asked, 'Which blue - sky blue, navy blue, or turquoise blue?' Perplexed, he stared at me. 'All!' - was his one-word reply. We stood in silence for a minute or two and parted ways. I thought that was the end of his feeble attempt - one compliment, one-word answer, and one daring encounter. Well, I was wrong!  Next day he came holding an envelope. I was uneasy. It was a trend those days to propose with a greeting card. He was the most sincere boy in school. I never wanted to hurt his feelings. 'That's for you,' he said and handed me the envelope. Inside there was a shade card - with few tick-marks on the various shades of blue and a line at the bottom - you look nice in all of the above blues. I

With #ShipCrow Expand Your Business in the US

Internet has changed the way we shop. It has also changed the way businesses operate across the globe. Physical boundaries have become irrelevant. Thus enabling better market scenarios for both buyers and sellers. Are you an entrepreneur who wish to expand your online presence in one of the biggest economies in the world? Good news! #ShipCrow is here to translate your dreams into reality. Their hassle-free, transparent and quick service ensures your entry in the US market is smooth. So much so, they have streamlined the transition in 3 easy steps. Yes, in three steps any business can foray into the US market! Here’s how ShipCrow has made doing business in the US easy -  Incorporate your Company in the US Register your company in the US. This gives you a clear pass to operate and enjoy all the benefits that are available to local businesses. ShipCrow would assist with the following - Getting a physical address for the company Help with the paperwork for getting

7 Traditional Money Saving Tactics Used by Women that Still Work

Let’s rewind back to 20 years. There was a wedding in the extended family. My family was all set to attend the 3-day long ceremony. All of us had new dresses and a fat wad of money for shagun . Looking back I wonder how my mother managed everything. As a middle-class woman, she had all under control - school fees, tuition fees, monthly bills and even had a contingency fund. She was better prepared than most modern couples I’ve come across. Please note, if not more , salaries have tripled in the last two decades. How come my mother met all her obligations with a monthly income of 10,000 INR? Something we can’t achieve with our fat checks nowadays. After my marriage whenever I asked how she managed her finances - her answers were simple. And there lies the wisdom - passed from generation to generation. The traditional ways to save and manage money which I’ve incorporated and streamlined my finances. We all can use these traditional methods that still work and save thousands annuall