17 Easy Changes That Can Save You Thousands Every Month

Last night I was reading about calories. Empty calories to be specific. Even if one consumes a measly number, say 100 calories a day, it adds to 3000 in a month. Nearly the same we have to burn to lose a pound. That made me realize how even a small change can bring a big impact in the long run. I was reviewing our monthly budget later and I decided to bring small changes in my monthly expenditure as well. I’ve been doing a few things to cut my expenses and added few more on the list. Here are the easy changes that can help us save thousands every month.

Shop on assigned days unless it’s an emergency
The best way to stick to your monthly budget is to shop on pre-assigned days. We tend to spend money every time we go to the market. Some of the items we buy are not even necessary. We see, we buy. We think later, though. Correct this by shopping on specific days of the week.


  1. Always good to learn the tricks to save:)

  2. Great tips! Its actually when you start thinking on long term basis you realize that small useless things (be it expenditure or empty calories) add up to such a massive amount!

  3. Awesome tips, Saru. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Great tips Saru !

  5. @Everyone - Thank you so much for reading!


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