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I keep... Some idle words, Few hollow lines, By my bedside. Half past midnight, I write some more... While few smile at me, Standing at my door... Puzzled by this random rush, I search for the meaning within. I adopt the simple versions, The ones which touch my skin. I flip the chapters of my life, My life looks like an ashtray. I puffed every bit out of it, But, I sing it as a ballet. I write...I will continue to... Everyday shaping my endeavor. With my words I'm immortal, In them...I will live forever and ever...

Being Human

Under the roof of winter, Latches of my door open without making a sound. It's cold out there, Someone lost his ground. My soul shivers, Not that I'm cold. Someone from my land, Sleeps under the bridge while dreaming of gold. How can I... tuck myself in the quilt? When the winter storm is blowing, Hopes they have built. I have to get up, Do something... Before I start questioning who am I? And, they start saying...'Humanity dies.' Let's work out something, Take a resolution. Walk across all kinds of bridges, And, just be human... From centuries people are migrating for work or for better opportunities. But, not everyone has a smooth sailing...some live under miserable conditions. Most heart wrenching fact is nobody helps them, not even people from their own countries. I know, everybody is busy chasing the bigger purpose of life. But don't you think we should help people in need? Let's try to be better human being


आग से धुले और पानी से जले है, हम तो मरने से पहले भी कई बार मरे है! तलाश थी जिस आरज़ू की अब तक, आज भी तन्हा उसी राह पर खड़े है! सौ बार किया मैंने उल्फत का बया, ये दर्द उनके दिल तक न गया, मेरी बर्बादी में उनके एहसान बड़े है, आज भी तन्हा उसी राह पर खड़े है! मैंने  तय   किया जिसके लिए शहरो का सफ़र, उसने दो कदमो में किया मेरा प्यार दफन, मेरी मौत के सामान मेरे सामने पड़े है, आज भी तन्हा उसी राह पर खड़े है! क्या आज वो रात होगी ? ये ज़िन्दगी शायद अब मौत के बाद होगी... मेरे अपने ही मेरी खुशियों से लडे है, इसीलिए, आज भी तन्हा उसी राह पर खड़े है!

My Aphrodite

Don't do it, Don't even try, Seasons yearned for it, What autumn just complied. Don't you tuck, Fallen hair behind... Till the spring blows a whistle. Till the summer harsh up a little. Or else, you may allow My fingers to tuck them in. To be close to those perfect lips... To feel the velvet of your skin... To sing a song into your ear, And light up the evening a bit. Then, let the body do the talking If only, you permit... Stepping close I wonder, Beauty so sublime. Speaking only with her eyes, She pauses time. *Aphrodite is the greek goddess of love and beauty. Image Source -

In Her Footsteps...

From crawling till walking, From humming till talking, From taking my worries when I moan, To listening to my problems on the phone, I thank 'mom' for all these times, She is the symphony in my rhymes. Forgot few things a child's eye would miss, She cut her finger deliberating on my favorite dish. She kept quiet when boss shouted for being late, She had a lot to calculate. I kept quiet on all these things, She is a 'hero' whose praise no one sings. She begged the doctors; even the nurses for me, She prayed for my success bending on her knees. She hardly slept when I was a baby, She groomed me into a fine lady. I should pay back her; in a way, she would agree, For that, I have to be a mother as good as 'she.'