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Rewind - October 2022

I think writing poetry has taken a backseat for a while. I have re-written my book this year. Editing is still a challenging task, though. I started doing other things - I ventured into making reels and I did my free Webinar last Saturday. Both of these have been creatively satisfying. But still I want to write more Hindi couplets. The reason is if I am out of practice, it gets difficult to sum up emotions in 2 lines. God willing, in November I will write more. This is what I wrote in October: Date Published 10/16/2022 तुम्हारी आदत चाय सी है  कमबख़्त कितनी भी कोशिश कर लूँ छूटती ही नहीं 10/18/2022 तुम नँगे पाँव किनारे पर क्या चली सुलगती रेट में उफान आ गया घर वाले करते है हर बात पे पैसे की बात अपने घर में महसूस होती है मुझे अब फकीरो सी औकात फ़कीरियत सी महसूस होती है अपने ही घर में मुझे जब घर वाले बात बात पे पैसे की बात करते है जब घर वाले बात बात पे पैसे की बात करते है अपने ही घर में फ़कीरियत सी महसूस होती है मुझे आज तक किसी से कुछ नहीं लिया पर तुझसे बार बार इश्क़ मांगता हूँ ये महज़ दिल्लगी न

Webinar on Writing Couplets (Hindi)

Yesterday I conducted my first free webinar. It was an amazing experience. I enjoyed it and I hope others felt the same way. Please check the recording on my YouTube channel. I promised to answer the questions I couldn’t answer during the webinar. So here are my replies: Writing about romance – @VidushiBhardwaj - Try to write what you feel. Imagine the person is in front of you and then edit it.  Self-Thoughts - @NiteshKlair - Write it like a journal. Concentrate on feelings that are difficult. Make sure you pen those.  Where do you get inspiration from? - @KiranUmrao - Music Romantic lines with little humour – @NeelamGupta - Think you are having a conversation with your partner and write your first 3 thoughts. It helps in getting the first draft. How to end any couplet. It always starts off very good but end bad. @ShitalDave - Try to write 4-5 versions of a couplet. Then pick the best and edit it.  तवाइफ @VanshikaTiwari - If you want to write about it, I’d say watch a documen