Webinar on Writing Couplets (Hindi)

Yesterday I conducted my first free webinar. It was an amazing experience. I enjoyed it and I hope others felt the same way.

Please check the recording on my YouTube channel.

I promised to answer the questions I couldn’t answer during the webinar. So here are my replies:

  • Writing about romance – @VidushiBhardwaj - Try to write what you feel. Imagine the person is in front of you and then edit it. 

  • Self-Thoughts - @NiteshKlair - Write it like a journal. Concentrate on feelings that are difficult. Make sure you pen those. 

  • Where do you get inspiration from? - @KiranUmrao - Music

  • Romantic lines with little humour – @NeelamGupta - Think you are having a conversation with your partner and write your first 3 thoughts. It helps in getting the first draft.

  • How to end any couplet. It always starts off very good but end bad. @ShitalDave - Try to write 4-5 versions of a couplet. Then pick the best and edit it. 

  • तवाइफ @VanshikaTiwari - If you want to write about it, I’d say watch a documentary and see why they are in that profession. Learn about their struggles and hardships. Then words will follow automatically.

  • I stopped writing in the lockdown and just couldn't do it again. I want to restart writing. - @BhavanaKuntal - You have to push yourself because no one else can. Start by writing a journal. Download Day One app. Start from there.

  • Poetry depicting everyday objects with the centre point of poetry. - @SahibKhandpur - Think of bringing magic to it. Watch the above webinar video and use same steps I told in example 1.

  • How to deal with blockages? - ChiragGoswami - Write often. Practice beats talent any day.

  • How to get beyond monotony n some cheesy lines - @PinalSawansukha - Write raw. Follow example 2 and 3 in the webinar video.

  • How to start writing - @AnuragSahrawat - By writing a journal.

  • Erotic poetry - @AnjaliDodhani - For this, write what comes to your mind. Then editing is always the king.

As you know, I am a small-time artist. I've come this far only because of 2 things: hard work and love from people like you who believed in my craft.

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