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Tree of Prosperity Search, swirl, dive with zero fear, We collect twigs and grass, Flying miles everyday,  We return to the same path. Every tiny bit of sweat, Every cell of tired feet, Sings a soft lullaby, On glowing signs of our street. Blessed under the roof, With family sitting by our side, In the warmth of our abode, Our happiness strides. Amidst the cacophony we roam. But... Settling, retiring, cherishing @home. We all love our homes and we make an extra effort to decorate it. My friends Priti and Shashank from gifted me this beautiful wall sticker ( picture above ), which they prefer calling wall decals. It's easy to use, causes no damage to the walls and is priced quite reasonably. It  adds style, elegance and character to the room. I loved the one they gifted me but you can find variety of designs for each of your rooms on their website. Thanks Priti and Shashank!

Shaken Stirred

Your body is a cup, Hot, cold, strong or light. Sugar, tea, milk Or plain water with ice. What it holds inside, what you are. A teacher, doctor, engineer, Maybe a movie star. Nod in agreement, Or shake your head strong. We all love fancy cups, But we know where it belongs. Pretty outside attracts us, Our heart skips a beat or two. But we never hold a cup longer, If ingredients are untrue. Shaken-stirred, give or take, No point keeping appearances, if it is fake.


Musical, like the strings of guitar, Tied-Untied , I look million stars. My playful tresses dazzle the show, Like...Madonna, Madhu Bala, Marilyn Monroe. A bit of punk, a bit of jazz, Humming melodies of rock-n-roll. Untied -  my hair sweep you off your feet, Rhythm of it caress your soul. Angel I look with golden halo, Like...Madonna, Madhu Bala, Marilyn Monroe. Tied -  they play country folk, My face transcends midnight moon. Swaying in the lilt of my locks, You sense monsoon in June. I light up the mood with pristine glow, Like...Madonna, Madhu Bala, Marilyn Monroe.  Tress symphony, ready to vibe, With style I've an affair. Everyday dazzling like a diva, In my healthy groomed hair. I live every moment, I grab every show, Like...Madonna, Madhu Bala, Marilyn Monroe. * Click and create perfect symphony for your hair **Read the footnote  here

Quote Unquote ~ 5/365

Most of us spend life in a trance. Only those who bridge the gap between reality and dreams succeed.

Touch Me Not...

Slightly salty, slightly stray, A little spicy too. Temptress clad with mystery, Touch me not, you may pursue. Watch your dreams, I set them on fire. Silk around my body, May spark your desire. Purple nights, sober days, The frenzy surrounding my skin. Touch me not, Let our breath rock like a violin. Smoking-sizzling, take my senses on an alluring stroll. Touch me not, just arrest my vivacious soul. Listen to the poem on SoundCloud * Image Source - Google

Quote Unquote ~ 4/365